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Alter/Ego Voice Bank NATA Released

Hey, have you heard about the new girl? No? What does she look like, you ask? She’s 23 years old, has purple eyes, white hair, is about 1.70m tall, and… hangs out with a little floating ball named Niev? Not ringing any bells? Well, no worries there. Let me fill you in everything you want to know about Vocallective’s latest addition, NATA.

Released on January 11th, 2017, and developed by Azureflux, Tora, and Uru, NATA is the newest addition to Plogue’s free voice synthesizer software Alter/Ego. While the program itself is free, NATA will run you 47.72+VAT, which is significantly less than other, more mainstream vocal synth libraries. What that minimal cost does get you, though, is a true piece of fan creation. An entire English library with a multitude of vocal parameters at your disposal, plus compatibility with most DAWs with intuitive user interface, allowing producers of all skill sets to create tracks with a mature-sounding female lead.

Here are a few examples of what NATA has to offer:

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