Monday , June 26 2017
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Cowfee is a Korean-American student currently studying broadcasting. Passionate for all things VOCALOID, she is heavily involved in VNN and the Facebook page.
"Daughter of Evil" Musical Promo

“Daughter of Evil” Musical Teaser & More!

The “Daughter of Evil” musical production is already halfway through their showings, with the final one happening on Sunday, June 11th. Unfortunately, unless you are in Japan right now, there is probably little chance for you to catch the rest of these performances in time. However, you may be happy …

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“Zunda Horizon” Crowdfunding Campaign

While the newest animated addition to the VOCALOID universe is proving to be a hit, Zunda Horizon‘s producers have a vision to take it a step (or several steps) further with their crowdfunding campaign! By upgrading equipment, improving production, and tons more, Tohoku Zunko and the Horizon cast need your …

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