Tuesday , February 28 2017
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When not writing for VNN, Hoshi can be found managing the Vocaloid Facebook Fanpage, obsessing over figures, or dealing with real life where she's a college student. She's been a fan of VOCALOID for about 7 years now and has been obsessed for a little over 2.

Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo Version Prototype Revealed!

We’ve seen Miku, KAITO, and MEIKO so far. Snow Miku Sky Town promised last year that the lovely lady Megurine Luka would be the next Hanairogoromo figure. And now, we finally have the prototype reveal of the 1/8 scale Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo Version! Details There isn’t much information available on Luka’s Hanairogoromo …

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The Vocalina YouTube is Active Again!

About a week ago, the official YouTube channel for the Korean text-to-speech singing synthesizer “Vocalina” began uploading videos. After looking into things some more, it seems the synth may be making a comeback! The YouTube Uploads The official Vocalina YouTube has been uploading videos for about a week now. As …

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2016 VOCALOID News Recap!

Quite a few fans noted that there was so much VOCALOID and vocal synth news this year that it was hard to keep up. Somewhere along the line, almost everyone has managed to miss something here or there. Thankfully, VNN is a giant archive of pretty much all of the …

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Buy MAIKA and Get Bruno & Clara for Free!

December 18th marks VOCALOID MAIKA‘s anniversary! To celebrate her third birthday, Voctro Labs is holding a special anniversary sale until December 22nd! The Sale Until December 22nd, fans can purchase the boxed version of MAIKA for €99 (about $104 USD) and receive the boxed version of Bruno & Clara for free! Bruno and …

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VOCALOID Figure Collecting: Bootleg Figures

By now, you’ve likely decided that you’re interested in buying some sort of figure that embodies your favorite VOCALOID character in a three-dimensional, physical form. If not, you may want to check out our first article in the Figure Collecting series to get an idea of just what the figure …

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VNN’s December Submissions Theme Announced!

After the success of our November themed submissions featuring DEX & DAINA, we’ve decided to continue with the monthly themes! This time with a bit more notice. Fans will have all of December to create any art (from songs to illustrations and cosplay, to whatever comes to your mind) and …

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