Wednesday , April 26 2017
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When not writing for VNN, Hoshi can be found managing the Vocaloid Facebook Fanpage, obsessing over figures, or dealing with real life where she's a college student. She's been a fan of VOCALOID for about 7 years now and has been obsessed for a little over 2.

Otomachi Una Stickers Now Available on LINE!

If you need more Otomachi Una, we now have more of the beloved eel inspired girl! MTK added Otomachi Una stickers to the LINE store for the low cost of $0.99 USD for a whopping 40 stickers featuring Sugar and Spicy. About the Stickers As mentioned before, the set of …

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IA Talk Now Available

March 1st marked the release of the much anticipated IA Talk CeVIO voice bank. While her free trial is over, her full version is now available for purchase! Demos IA Talk has quite a few demos. In addition to her “ARIA ON THE RADIO” appearances, she also has demos on …

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Surprise VOCAMERICA Concert at ETSU-Con this Weekend!

Fans planning to attend ETSU-Con this weekend are in for a special treat. While EmpathP originally stated that she and Mystsaphyr would only host an educational expo, ETSU-Con surprised her with a last-minute VOCAMERICA concert request! There will now be a VOCAMERICA concert at ETSU-Con this weekend! Ladies and gentlemen …

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Yumemi Nemu and Tone Rion V4 are Now Available!

It’s February 16th in Japan and you know what that means: the release of the new VOCALOIDs Yumemi Nemu and Tone Rion V4! About the VOCALOIDs While we knew some information about the two and previously reported it, there’s new information as well! Nemu AND Rion are both voiced by the …

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IA Plushie Now Available Internationally!

The IA plushie announced at the IA & ONE anniversary live stream went up for sale in Japan and Europe shortly after the stream. However, neither website was accepting international orders, but now, fans will be happy to hear that the IA plushie is available internationally from Unfortunately, international shipping …

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More VOCAMERICA Locations Announced!

At long last, there’s a list of quite a few locations where VOCAMERICA will be! Some of these will be the full concert while others will be educational expos where EmpathP and friends host panels about VOCALOID! Katsucon Location: National Harbor, MD Dates: February 17th-19th There won’t be a concert …

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