Friday , January 20 2017
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When not writing for VNN, Hoshi can be found managing the Vocaloid Facebook Fanpage, obsessing over figures, or dealing with real life where she's a college student. She's been a fan of VOCALOID for about 7 years now and has been obsessed for a little over 2.

Create Your Own Fanloids with AHS VOCALOIDs!

While many VOCALOID voice banks are only able to cross synthesize with themselves, AHS recently announced quite the game changer. All AHS V3 and V4 voices minus Kaai Yuki will soon be capable of cross synthesizing with each other! This will allow you to create your own fanloids with AHS VOCALOIDs! …

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Macne Nana V4 Demo Released!

Just a few days ago, the Macne Nana website updated with the concept art for the designs of Macne Nana’s VOCALOID 4 voice banks: Nana and Petit. Now we have a short Macne Nana V4 demo featuring both the Nana and Petit voice banks! The song, titled “Anzu”, is by …

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Otakon 2016 Recap

Otakon 2016 marked the last Otakon to take place in Baltimore, Maryland, for at least a few years. Due to the Baltimore Convention Center (Otakon’s home since 1999) needing renovations, Otakon is moving to Washington, D.C., come next year. However, this Otakon wasn’t a sad weekend. In fact, it was …

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VOCALOID News Network at Otakon!

We’ve been talking about it for a while but now we’ve got the article! VNN will be at Otakon! Of course, we’re not the only VOCALOID related goodness going on this weekend. We’ll be hanging out with EmpathP, who has two panels, and we’ll even be attending the VOCALOTAKON photo …

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Hatsune Miku Opera THE END Coming to Germany!

After appearing in France last year, the “Hatsune Miku Opera THE END” is coming to Germany! Fans can enjoy the opera on August 18th, 19th, and 20th. There will be one showing each day! Show Times All shows will be held at Kampnagel, an international center for arts. They are …

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IA at Otakuthon!

As mentioned earlier, we’ll have quite a bit of IA at Otakuthon! Not only will “PARTY A GO-GO” be shown several times, but also 1st Place will be holding a workshop as well! Concert Screenings There will be two different show times for the “IA 1st Live Concert in Japan …

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