Sunday , March 26 2017
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When not writing for VNN, Hoshi can be found managing the Vocaloid Facebook Fanpage, obsessing over figures, or dealing with real life where she's a college student. She's been a fan of VOCALOID for about 7 years now and has been obsessed for a little over 2.

VOCAMERICA Online Shop Now Open!

If you missed out on the VOCAMERICA merch, fear not! As promised, the VOCAMERICA online shop is now open for fans around the globe to grab the goodies they missed out on! As promised, fans can buy the main six keychains, as well as VOCAMERICA t-shirts and the official soundtrack …

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NekoCon Recap: VOCAMERICA and More!

While the first showing of VOCAMERICA was definitely the highlight of NekoCon, Agetechlo provided quite a bit of coverage of the whole convention as well. From the VOCALOID cosplay meetup to the VOCAMERICA merch booth and, of course, the concert itself, there’s quite a bit to talk about. Cosplay Meetup …

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Macne Nana V4 Release Date and Designs Revealed!

Macne Nana’s and AHS’ Twitters have been very busy announcing all the Nana! We now have confirmation of Macne Nana V4’s release date as well as the official designs for Nana Natural, Petit, and English! Voice Banks Macne Nana V4 will have three different voice banks: Macne Nana Natural, Macne …

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Draw for the ALYS Chistmas PV 2016!

Celebrations of the end of the year are coming and, like every year since ALYS’ announcement, VoxWave is letting fans join in on the creation of the ALYS Christmas PV! It’s a way for them to celebrate the community and their long journey so far. After “Pr☆messe” and “Lupin’s Night,” VoxWave wants you to join in …

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