Sunday , February 26 2017
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When not writing for VNN, Hoshi can be found managing the Vocaloid Facebook Fanpage, obsessing over figures, or dealing with real life where she's a college student. She's been a fan of VOCALOID for about 7 years now and has been obsessed for a little over 2.

Draw for the ALYS Chistmas PV 2016!

Celebrations of the end of the year are coming and, like every year since ALYS’ announcement, VoxWave is letting fans join in on the creation of the ALYS Christmas PV! It’s a way for them to celebrate the community and their long journey so far. After “Pr☆messe” and “Lupin’s Night,” VoxWave wants you to join in …

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VOCAMERICA Merchandise is Coming!

VOCAMERICA is just a few days away. The concert will be held at NekoCon in Hampton, Virginia and it’ll be the first western VOCALOID concert of its kind. And, with concerts comes merch! If you’re planning to go to NekoCon, be sure to check out VOCAMERICA on Saturday at 4PM. …

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VNN Now Accepting Fan Submissions!

VNN’s goal has always been to connect fans of VOCALOID and other vocal synthesizers together. And now we’re taking that connection a bit further by connecting creative fans with the community! Starting today, VNN will be accepting fan submissions for various types of fan art. Some of the things we’re …

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COCOROBO x VOCALOID Collaboration Brings Singing Vacuum Cleaner!

SHARP Japan worked with Yamaha to release a VOCALOID AI engine for their robotic vacuum cleaner “COCOROBO”, creating the COCOROBO x VOCALOID collaboration. This technology, called the “COCORO MUSIC A.I Engine”, will be used in SHARP’s robotic vacuum cleaner. Not only will the robot clean your home automatically but it will also sing …

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