Wednesday , March 1 2017
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中文V厨+无节操博爱党,是个话唠 Chinese VOCALOIDs = main babies, but I just love everyone in this VOCALOID world.

Yuezheng Longya’s First Demo “In Your Breath” Released!

After five years of waiting, the Chinese VOCALOID fandom finally gets to hear their first male VOCALOID tonight! A few days ago, Vsinger has announced that Yuezheng Longya‘s first official demo will be released on NetEase Music on February 14th. As the fans got excited for Valentine’s, Vsinger announced some great …

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Vsinger is Holding a Design and Song Contest!

Vsinger’s live concert on June 2017 had started their ticket pre-sale a few weeks ago. After releasing their first batch of concert tracks list, Vsinger stated that it will not be the final, and they welcome fans to give them suggestions on Weibo. Even more good news, Vsinger is now collaborating …

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Vsinger Live Concert Tracklist & SVIP Ticket Prices Announced!

On December 14th, Vsinger announced the first batch of the tracklist for the concert on their Weibo. The track list includes Vsinger-loid “classic” and recently famous songs, and they also mentioned “We want your recommendations” on their Weibo, encouraging fans to leave their recommendations of what songs should be used in the concert. We …

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MIKU EXPO 2016 China Tour Photography Contest!

MIKU EXPO 2016 China tour is seeking the best photographer! To promote the Miku Expo in China, a photography contest is being held with the theme “初音未来游中国” (Hatsune Miku Travels to China), where contestants are required to take a photo of their figurines or plushies, and need to include a landmark …

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Vsinger’s Autumn and Winter Cosplay Design Contest Winners Announced!

It’s been more than a month since VNN wrote about Vsinger’s Autumn and Winter Cosplay Design Contest that began in September. On October 17th, BCY Illustration’s channel announced the winners via Weibo: First Prize: Setsuya Second Prize: 米酉昔 Third Prize: 十四栀栀 Bonus Prize: 夕亚人 Winners will not only receive cash as prizes, but also their design …

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