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August, 2017

  • 25 August

    ele-king’s “Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary” Book Details Revealed!

    While this book has been on Tokyo Otaku Mode and AmiAmi for some time now, there wasn’t much information about it. Until recently, everything was just tentative place-holder info. But now, as the release date approaches, we finally have some concrete information to share! Here’s what we know about ele-king’s …

  • 24 August

    Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese Updates: Demo Song, Nendoroid, Preorder Date, and Poppro Site Revealed

    Following the recent news leak, we’re getting a huge update on Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese today: a new demo song release, a Nendoroid prototype reveal, preorder date announcement, and the new looks of SCLA and Poppro sites! Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese Demo Song Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese gets an all-new demo song today …

  • 23 August

    IA Otakuthon Merchandise Review

    As most of you know, VNN attended Otakuthon a few weeks ago, and of course, what is a convention without getting merchandise. With that being said, I (Monds) got a few things while I was there, and I will be giving you my thoughts on them. Of course it will …

  • 23 August

    IA Figure Review

    I (Monds) did a review of the ONE figure not long ago, and it seems a lot of people liked it! This time, I will be doing a review of the IA ROCKS figure. The figure is based off of the IA ROCKS boxart, and it does a good job …

  • 22 August

    Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary x Nicocafe Coming to NicoNico Headquarters!

    NicoVideo announced that the Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary x Nicocafe collaboration will begin this August at Nico Nico Headquarters! This unique cafe will have special foods, drinks, merchandise, and even a special workshop on Miku’s birthday! Food and Drinks Like with all cafes, there are many kinds of foods and …

  • 22 August

    Learn the Secrets to Becoming a VOCALOID Producer in Atsuhiro Nihei’s Latest Book!

    “Just how do the legends of the VOCALOID world write their music, protect their publication and developmental rights, and maintain the necessary mental state to keep it all up?” That’s the question that author Atsuhiro Nihei asks, and seeks to answer, in his latest publication, Book of Secrets to Becoming …

  • 22 August

    Racing Miku 2017 Figure Preorders Now Open

    The Racing Miku 2017 figure by Good Smile Company is now available for preorder! Her scale is described as “1/1” scale, however, she is “fairy-sized”. So her canon height of 23cm is actually very tiny! “The official character of the 2017 Hatsune Miku GT Project A full scale figure of …

  • 18 August

    SeeU Will be Available on Character Planet!

    Although the Korean VOCALOID SeeU has been out for some time, fans still love her. Some fans have recently noticed that she was no longer available online, but, there was a reason for this. She was being prepared for sale on ST MEDiA‘s website “Character Planet”! Although she is not …

  • 18 August

    Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary Computer Glasses Set Available Overseas Exclusively Through Tokyo Otaku Mode

    As previously mentioned, the newest Hatsune Miku 10th merchandise is none other than computer glasses! While these beautiful frames are set to be available in Japan via Washi Optical’s online shop, international sales were questionable. Until now! Tokyo Otaku Mode confirmed that they’ll be selling the Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary …

  • 17 August

    Goods Detailed For Hatsune Miku X NewDays Collaboration, JR East Design Revealed

    Following up on our previous article, the goods for the Hatsune Miku x NewDays collaboration have been announced! Additionally, the exclusive JR Station outfit design for the Akihabara store has been revealed, including the new merchandise visuals by artist “Yukino Tamago”. Collaboration Goods & Stores From August 22nd until September …