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August, 2017

  • 23 August

    IA Otakuthon Merchandise Review

    As most of you know, VNN attended Otakuthon a few weeks ago, and of course, what is a convention without getting merchandise. With that being said, I (Monds) got a few things while I was there, and I will be giving you my thoughts on them. Of course it will …

  • 23 August

    IA Figure Review

    I (Monds) did a review of the ONE figure not long ago, and it seems a lot of people liked it! This time, I will be doing a review of the IA ROCKS figure. The figure is based off of the IA ROCKS boxart, and it does a good job …

  • 23 August

    VNN Interview with AVA!

    Greetings. This is Showraku of VNNJP. On August 15th, 2017, I braved the stormy weather to reach AVA‘s office in western Shinjuku in order to score a copy of LUMi’s limited edition! Their office was quite a walk away from the nearest train station and hidden away on a narrow …

  • 22 August

    Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary x Nicocafe Coming to NicoNico Headquarters!

    NicoVideo announced that the Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary x Nicocafe collaboration will begin this August at Nico Nico Headquarters! This unique cafe will have special foods, drinks, merchandise, and even a special workshop on Miku’s birthday! Food and Drinks Like with all cafes, there are many kinds of foods and …

  • 22 August

    IA Talk Wins “Best Creator Tool” in the 28th ProRegi Awards!

    The results of the 28th Biannual ProRegi Awards are in! As we previously reported, nominees in the Best Creator Tool category included IA Talk, VOICEROID 2 Yuzuki Yukari, and Otomachi Una Talk Ex. Of course, in the end, there can only be one winner, and creator tool that came out on …

  • 22 August

    Learn the Secrets to Becoming a VOCALOID Producer in Atsuhiro Nihei’s Latest Book!

    “Just how do the legends of the VOCALOID world write their music, protect their publication and developmental rights, and maintain the necessary mental state to keep it all up?” That’s the question that author Atsuhiro Nihei asks, and seeks to answer, in his latest publication, Book of Secrets to Becoming …

  • 22 August

    Hatsune Miku Will be a Playable Character in the Arcade Game PriPara!

    Lately, we’ve been delighted by the amount of good news about video game and VOCALOID collaborations. We’re excited to announce that a new collaboration between Hatsune Miku and another Japanese game is starting soon! Our beloved digital diva will be part of a game world that is definitely fit for …

  • 22 August

    Racing Miku 2017 Figure Preorders Now Open

    The Racing Miku 2017 figure by Good Smile Company is now available for preorder! Her scale is described as “1/1” scale, however, she is “fairy-sized”. So her canon height of 23cm is actually very tiny! “The official character of the 2017 Hatsune Miku GT Project A full scale figure of …

  • 21 August

    VOCALOID 4 Xin Hua Japanese Version + Xin Hua V4 Available For Pre-Order!

    Xin Hua fans may have noticed that she’s been rather inactive lately. She fell off the radar minus a few cameos in other promotions from her parent companies here and there. However, she’s now making quite the comeback! The V3 Chinese VOCALOID has received a makeover, and is getting both …

  • 19 August

    Crowdfunded Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary Video Adverts Now Playing At Samseong Station, Korea

    If you remember or were a contributor of the kickstarter campaign for the Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary advertisement project, you’ll be happy to hear the advertisements are now live at the Samseong station of Gang-Nam, Seoul, Korea! 삼성역 미쿠 10주년 광고 감동이 벅차올라 말을 잇지 못하는… — Aio392*マジミラ8.30-9.4 (@Aio392) …