VOCALOID Week in Review: Feb 1st to Feb 7th 2016

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The first week of February brought with it tons of VOCALOID news. Here’s your VOCALOID Week in Review. Project Diva X News Character Interactions, Friendship Level, and New Songs Information on becoming friends with VOCALOIDs in Project Diva X was revealed as well as info on how interactions with those characters raise friendship. In addition, more songs were added to …

Winter Wonder Festival 2016 VOCALOID Highlights

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WonFes is that special biannual time of the year where figure lovers and collectors get to see what companies are planning to release in the coming months. For VOCALOID fans, WonFes is always a treat. And Winter WonFes is extra special thanks to the Snow Miku goodies! Here are our Winter Wonder Festival 2016 VOCALOID highlights. Hatsune Miku Figures For …

Stardust Boxart Reveal and Preorder Date!

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The newest Chinese Vocaloid “Stardust” by Quadimension has had a slight delay on her release date. However, her product page has been opened on Taobao and it appears that we finally have an image of her official box art.   Although you cannot purchase her at the moment, she will be available for preorder mid-February and delivery will begin mid-March. Her selling …

Chicago Announced for Hatsune Miku Expo 2016 North America Tour

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In the surprising turn of events today, the eighth location for Hatsune Miku Expo 2016 tour in North America has surfaced: Chicago at The Chicago Theatre on May 25th. The official announcements came via the official tweet and the official site update just recently. Tickets will go on sale from February 12th at 11:00 AM CST. Stay tuned for further event updates!

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X: Character Interactions, Friendship Level, and New Songs

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Sega has released the next information update for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X! The information this time mainly focuses on the character interactions and friendship level in Home, also known as the new title for DIVA Room in the previous titles. Friendship level is determined by the player’s interactions in game with the characters. An increase in friendship level can give the players small advantages in quests …

SNOW MIKU 1/4 Scale Figure Now Available for Preorder

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The SNOW MIKU 1/4 scale figure is now available for preorder! The figure was first announced last year in celebration of the Snow Miku Sky Town’s 1st anniversary on December 21st. Presales at the Snow Miku Sky Town have also begun starting today. A huge 1/4th scale figure of SNOW MIKU, standing at an impressive 42 cm in height! The coloring of the …

Stardust Updates: Art Book, Figure, New Contest and More!

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There are lots of Stardust updates coming in! Stardust’s voice bank has been sent to YAMAHA for pending approval and she will be available in a few weeks if everything goes as planned. Preorders for her official album, art book, and voice bank will open with the release of her demo. Quadimension has also announced a list of artists who …

iDoll Hatsune Miku x Nendoroid Announced for Display at Winter Wonder Festival 2016

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The Nendoroid and iDoll Hatsune Miku collaboration has been announced! The collaboration features the nendoroid by Good Smile Company and the iDoll technology developed by the robot/hardware company YUKAI Engineering. The iDoll technology is a miniature robot doll at the size of a palm capable of various movement, dances, greetings, silly jokes, and more via a mobile application. Furthermore, they can also learn new movements and …

VC Promote: Interview with 动点P (DongDian-P) and Illustrator 唯Tu (WeiTu).

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This interview was done by Cimy from VC相关推广站 (VC Promote). We are glad to be working with VC Promote. They will share interviews with our members from the Chinese VNN site in order to bring you interesting stories of the Chinese Vocaloids and the people who work with them. 动点 & 唯Tu 动点P (DongDian-P) is a male VOCALOID producer who is part of …

SEGA Announces Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Co-de Design, -Daiba de Diva- X Event at Joypolis, Arcade Prizes

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Thanks to news releases by SEGA today at the Sofmap Amusement Hall in Akihabara (as part of their Project Diva X demo tour across Japan), we finally know the identity of the mystery Nendoroid Co-de design: The figure is based on the “ハツネミク” (referred to as Hatsune Miku OP ver. in the west) outfit from the original Project Diva game …