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IA Plushie Now Available Internationally!

The IA plushie announced at the IA & ONE anniversary live stream went up for sale in Japan and Europe shortly after the stream. However, neither website was accepting international orders, but now, fans will be happy to hear that the IA plushie is available internationally from Unfortunately, international shipping is a bit pricey.

The Plushie

The plushie will cost international fans €20.08 EUR (about $21 USD) and international shipping will be more than double the price at a whopping €23.50 EUR (about $25 USD). This sets IA (after shipping) close to the cost of a GIFT plushie, which usually retails for around ¥4,000 JPY (about $40 USD).

This plush is still a must-have for fans though. Depending on how much you want her, the price could be a steal. Hopefully in the future, cheaper shipping will be available. However, until then, she IS available!

Where to Buy

Once again, the IA plushie is available on the Hachimaki shop for Japanese customers and Omoi’s website for Europe and international customers.

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