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More VOCAMERICA Locations Announced!

At long last, there’s a list of quite a few locations where VOCAMERICA will be! Some of these will be the full concert while others will be educational expos where EmpathP and friends host panels about VOCALOID!


Location: National Harbor, MD
Dates: February 17th-19th

There won’t be a concert at this convention, but there will be a panel hosted by EmpathP and CircusP.


Location: Johnson City, TN
Dates: February 25th-26th

EmpathP will be a programming guest and teaching fans about VOCALOID, as well as talking about what’s next for VOCAMERICA. MystSaphyr will also be there!


Location: Newport News, VA
Dates: March 17th-19th
Concert on the 17th!

The Kigacon concert will be an encore performance of the first VOCAMERICA concert shown at Nekocon. This will be the last chance to see VOCAMERICA’s debut concert.


Location: Rochester, New York
Dates: April 22nd-23rd
Concert on the 22nd!

The Tora-Con concert will be a brand-new concert. While it’ll still use some songs from the original concert, new songs will be added in and there will be new animations and effects.

Unknown Convention

Convention name currently not announced.

Location: Near Chicago, IL
Dates: May 26th-28th (Possibly)
Concert on the 27th! (Possibly)

Most likely an encore of the Toracon performance. However, it’s not known for sure at this time.

Aki no Matsuri

Location: Zofingen, Switzerland
Dates: October 7th-8th
Concert day unannounced.

This will be the first VOCAMERICA concert in Europe. However, EmpathP and VocalNexus need your help to get it going! There’s currently a crowdfunding campaign available. If enough money is raised, there will even be a live stream of this concert for everyone to see! So be sure to donate if you can.

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