About Us

About VNN

VNN (vocaloidnews.net) started in 2015 as a project of a Facebook VOCALOID fan page. The aim of the website was to reach out to as many fans as possible and provide in-depth stories on Yamaha’s voice synth program engine in a format that Facebook simply didn’t support.

Originally, the website was only in English and focused mainly on news with the occasional producer interview. As VNN grew and changed, so has our role in the virtual singers community.

Now, VNN is a hub for all virtual singer news as well as various content about the singers. Our company has staff that stretch across the globe covering many countries and a dozen languages.

VNN‘s goal is not only to spread knowledge and news on these virtual singers but to promote them and help the culture continue to grow. We work closely with companies such as 1st Place, Aquatrax and others to promote content regarding their virtual singers and more. Nothing is considered too small for VNN to cover.

VNN still follows our original model of “By the fans for the fans.” We have created this website as fans who wanted to share their love of virtual singers, this still holds true today. VNN staff does not write about virtual singers because they have to; they write about virtual singers out of passion. Each member of VNN has joined and continues to be a member of VNN because they love what they are doing here.

VNN‘s Mission

As we grow, we hope to bring more virtual singer content to fans all over the world. As we aim towards reaching every corner of the globe and sharing this culture with as many people as possible. We sincerely hope that you’ll join us on our journey and we hope to continue our support for virtual singers and more for years to come.

Business Inquiries

Are you interested in promoting your virtual singers content? Or perhaps you’d like to use VNN‘s translators for your own projects? We offer many services, for more information on these, please contact us at [email protected].


VNN has two mascots: Vivi and En.