Tuesday , November 21 2017
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中文V厨+无节操博爱党,是个话唠Chinese VOCALOIDs = main babies, but I just love everyone in this VOCALOID world.

PECHOIN Collaboration with Luo Tianyi Announced!

The famous Chinese cosmetic brand, PECHOIN, has announced a new collaboration with Luo Tianyi on Weibo, and released a teaser for their latest Luo Tianyi-themed cosmetic series. The cosmetic series will be available for preorder on TMall starting on October 20th. By sharing the Weibo post and tagging 3 of …

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Yuezheng Longya’s First Demo “In Your Breath” Released!

After five years of waiting, the Chinese VOCALOID fandom finally gets to hear their first male VOCALOID tonight! A few days ago, Vsinger has announced that Yuezheng Longya‘s first official demo will be released on NetEase Music on February 14th. As the fans got excited for Valentine’s, Vsinger announced some great …

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Vsinger is Holding a Design and Song Contest!

Vsinger’s live concert on June 2017 had started their ticket pre-sale a few weeks ago. After releasing their first batch of concert tracks list, Vsinger stated that it will not be the final, and they welcome fans to give them suggestions on Weibo. Even more good news, Vsinger is now collaborating …

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VOCALOID UNI Demo试听、声库价格&官方网站公布!

期待了那么久,韩语VOCALOID UNI终于有了新动作。这次我们不但迎来了新的demo曲,官方也公开了更多产品详情,等待终于来到尾声了各位! 官方网站 目前官方网站已经正式上线,有关UNI的详细资料和产品售价都可以在里边找得到。看不懂韩语也别担心,我们会在下文为大家摘录网站的重点。 价格 官方预告会在UNI声库发售初期进行折扣优惠,打算入手UNI的各位不妨抓紧这次机会! 声库   普通价:124 000₩ ($106 USD) 优惠价:119 000₩ ($102 USD)                   同捆配套(声库+VOCALOID 4编辑器)   普通价:234 000₩ ($200 USD) 优惠价:224 000₩ ($192 USD)                 Demo试听曲 [bili src=8223096] B站搬运 而至于急迫想知道UNI发售切确日期的各位,ST MEDiA表示: …

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