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Happy 10th Birthday to GUMI! – Special 2019

Ciao everyone~ Here’s your Daisy Hapyon! c(>ω<)ゞ

Today is time to celebrate a very special 10th anniversary guys, for one of the most loved and iconic characters from the VOCALOID2 era: it’s GUMI‘s anniversary!

Happy birthday to our favorite singing carrot-lover, and congratulations for her ten years of activity! !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

As gift for this beloved virtual singer of ours, I decided to step up again and write something for her, as well as featuring some of the marvelous birthday gifts her fans made in this occasion!

Are you ready to celebrate her with us? Let’s go! d=(´▽`)=b

But First, a bit of GUMIistory!

Allow me to first introduce GUMI to you with a brief description! I guarantee you will love her even more! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Megpoid (often named simply GUMI just like her voice provider when she was a child) is the second voice library character released by Internet Co., Ltd for the VOCALOID2 engine back on June 2009.

She’s voiced by the popular singer and voice actress Megumi Nakajima while her design and official illustration was provided by Masami Yuuki.

Megpoid was later re-released and update for both VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4, resulting in her voice library’s expansion by adding four additional ones titled Extend: “Adult“, “Power“, “Sweet” and “Whisper“.

But there is more, GUMI also got bundles including all of her voice banks, her original one as well, and an English capable voice library for VOCALOID3 which was considered one of the best English vocalists back at the time of its release.

Her design is made to follow a more retro-futuristic feeling, and fans often think her appearance strongly resembles another character Megumi Nakajima voiced time ago: the little Ranka Lee from the anime Macross Frontier, which shares with GUMI the color palette and is probably the cause people associate GUMI with carrots.

She now turned ten-years-old and we are so happy to celebrate her with joyful gifts from fans! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Featuring Works

And now, it’s time to introduce some of fan’s works, created specifically for this very special game! If your creation appears here in the following featured category, know that I absolutely loved it! If you don’t, remember you can always mention me on Twitter and I will gladly add yours as well! (=⌒▽⌒=)
















All of those marvelous artworks perfectly express the fans’ gratitude toward GUMI through their artist skills. Many different style and approaches converged into a beautiful commemoration of her 10th anniversary, and showing how each of her supporters see our heroine in a different way!

Did you find anything you liked? You can check the on Twitter for more! There is so much to see! ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

Cosplay reel

There was also an interesting tweet reel featuring cosplays in honor of GUMI’s very own special day, and They were all beautifully made and photographed! Allow me to show you some!

Marvelous isn’t it? I’m a cosplay lover myself and, although I never really tried this seriously, I love seeing such high quality content!

Original songs

Lastly, we have original some songs that were composed specifically for this happy event! Here’s some I fell in love with!

Directly from her own anniversary album from EXIT TUNES‘s album “Gumissimo from Megpoid ― 10th ANNIVERSARY BEST ―“, we have cosMo‘s “Bishoujo Pandemic

This adorable song might’ve not been uploaded today, but is a jam I absolutely recommend!

Next we have an original song composed by drop with lyrics written by Union, featuring a cutesy illustration drawn by Nito: “Have A Nice Rain“!

Another cutesy voice that highlights GUMI’s sweet trait on her voice. You should really check it out!

Let’s entirely switch genre with something more electronic, such as egiharu‘s “Waterfall“!

Nothing better than such another addicting song to celebrate GUMI’s birthday at its best, isn’t it?

Did we all got a slice from the cake? Because the special ends here!

I had so much fun with this anniversary article, and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love you all showed to GUMI today! It felt magical featuring you all, guys!

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As for me, I’m constantly on Twitter looking around for content to share with you all! Want to suggest me something? Then you can mention me anytime!

You can find GUMI on Facebook and Twitter
Same goes for Internet Co. Ltd, which also has english-speaker social medias! Find them on Facebook (Japanese/English) or Twitter (Japanese/English).

See you next time guys, and stay SYNTHesized! ヾ(>ω<○)

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