Happy 11th Birthday Gackpoid! – Special 2019

Ciao everyone! Here’s your Daisy Hapyon! (*ゝω・)ノ

Yesterday we celebrated Otomachi Una‘s birthday with my special article, and today I’m back with a new guest of honor: Gackpoid!

He’s celebrating his 11th birthday and we are ready to give this samurai some love!

Are you ready? Let’s begin! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

About Gackpoid

Before we begin sharing all of the marvelous works his fans have shared for Gackpoid’s birthday, allow me to introduce him properly to you all!

Gackpoid V3/V4 Visual by Kentaro Miura

Gackpoid (commonly known as Camui Gackpo or Kamui Gakupo) is a male VOCALOID voice library developed by Internet Co., Ltd voiced by the popular Japanese singer Gackt  and released on July 31th, 2008 for VOCALOID2. His vocals also got released on VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4, updates that also added additional voice banks to the possible choices available for producers: Whisper and Power.

It’s name Gackpoid was taken by the singer’s name (“Gackt“) with the suffix “loid(“like a”), getting “voice like Gackt” as a result.

Illustrated by Kentaro Miura after a traditional Samurai appearance, wearing a Jinbaori kimono, following the idea of keeping his design somehow related to musical instruments and music in general. To reach this goal they even gave him a musical katana named Gakutou Miburi (Music Katana, Miburi), which emits musical sounds everytime is swung down.

his design got picked up among many others, and the designed was instructed not only to make his eyes similar to the voice provider’s, but also to make it stand out when beside of the vocaloids that were released at the point.

Gackpoid was the only Japanese male vocal running on VOCALOID2 for a long while’, and his popularity was really huge back then!


Fans obviously shared their love with a passion, often sharing fanarts as celebration! Let’s check some together!

Once again the fanbase didn’t disappoint, giving this singing samurai an amazing tribute! Thank you so much everyone!

Original Songs

But we also got some songs to check out! Let’s listen to some of them!

Let’s begin with a song from Charon Project featuring Gackpo’s whisper voice bank, “Fascination“! This song emphasized our beloved samurai’s high notes, giving him kinda of a theatrical feel to it!

Next we go to a more aggressive tune from Uzuki, titled “World’s Ending“! This is exactly the kind of composition that Gackpo’s vocals fit the most, to the point we can even feel Gackt’s power on it, which is probably one of his strong points!

Last but not least we have “FLARE” by DearsP! Probably one of my favorites published during this year’s birthday! I could listen to it over and over again!

Happy Birthday, Gackpo!

Before closing up my special anniversary article, I’d like to remember you all that Internet Co., Ltd is holding a new original song contest for Gackpo’s 11th anniversary!

Rules are the same as usual and the deadline is on August 2nd, so if you made any song using his V3 or V4 voice banks and want to submit them, be fast guys!

It’s now time to close this article but, before doing so, I wish Gackpoid happy birthday! Hopefully his voice is now engraved in our hearts ad will keep living on!

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See you next time guys, and stay SYNTHesized! ヾ(>ω<○)

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