What is invaxion?

Invaxion is a rhythm game available on steam and developed by Aquatrax, the same company behind the mobile rhythm game Zyon as well as the creators of Zing!

“INVAXION” is a competitive rhythm game developed by AQUATRAX. It continues with the background story of “Zyon”, players will join the adventure with our new characters, explore the unknown planets along with marvelous music

Classic music gameplay with a whole new game experience!Players will play as a member of the mercenary army, ”INVAXION”, head into aninterstellar journey to collect the fragment of music and art while fightingback with the Artificial Intelligence to save the day.

The Story

In the late 21st century, human civilization has been destroyed by their own creation. Artificial Intelligent has taken control of the world government. All humans are forced to erase their emotions and update into a so-called “higher intelligence”. A whole new era has begun as Earth was lead by intelligence and complete sanity.

Those who survived fled into space with their spaceships,code-named “Ragnarok”.

Centuries later, a mysterious mercenary army named”INVAXION” arrived among the humans. They gathered whoever still had faith, and were missioned to collect the fragments of music and art, reclaiming emotions that had once been seen as vulnerable, will be their best weapons to start a revolution against the A.I. and reshape the civilization.


The game includes several game modes that you can play. 

Quick Play is what you would come to expect, no limits, no goals, just choose any song and try to get the best score.

Arcade Mode is a progression mode where you are given a certain set of songs to choose from. If you clear the first song you are given another list of songs that are more difficult working your way up the stages where each stage is more challenging than the previous.

 Cosmic Tour is a form of story mode where you are given many planets to go trough with each having a set of goals to clear to proceed to the next. The goals become more difficult as you proceed through the worlds. Can you make it to the end?

Competition Game is as the name implies, a competitive mode. In this mode you have to options to choose from.

The first being Grade Challenger where you are given 3 songs without a stop in between and your goal is have the highest accuracy on notes but also to clear all 3 songs without failing. If you make it trough you are given a total accuracy percentage to see if you have passed or failed. Each one being more difficult than the previous.

The second is Battlefield. This is a form of player vs battle to claim your territory. The one with the highest score will take ownership of the land but careful, if you loose you will loose that land. Each land has a different song to play. Will you be able to fight of the other players and maintain your land? 

You are also given the option to choose how many keys you would like to play with, 4 keys, 6 keys or 8 keys. Each of which can be manually customized to your liking. Within each mode, you are given 3 difficulties; Standard, Hard and Trinity being the most difficult.(Note that 4 keys does not give you the option to play on trinity).

Other cool features about the game happen during gameplay where not only can you choose between many themes and ships but the map also has some events meant to distract you. Some of these include the game board shaking, the camera moving and more! Giving you more obstacle to overcome instead of your normal gameplay. 


Within the game, you are given the option of several heroes, each of which has a different skill to help you trough your journey. Read them carefully and find the one that suites you best. Some of these characters are new while others are some we are already familiar with such as Zing, characters from Zyon as well as Mayu. We can expect many more in the future.

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