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LanCee Becomes a Future House EDM Maker Today in this Video!

Ciao everyone! Here’s your Daisy Hapyon! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Today, Voicemith‘s very personal VTuber, LanCee, published a new amazing video showcasing herself while composing some fancy Future House song!

In this video her tips involve all of the very important step of composing this genre of songs, from pattern usage to even which plugin she uses usually! Future House tune!

As a beginner myself, seeing LanCee showing her steps to make a perfect Future House music composition in FL Studio was extremely useful and I can’t wait to try this path on my own!

Turn on its english subtitles! I assure you you won’t regret it at all!

Are you an aspiring producer as well? Then you might enjoy her video as well just like I did!

Be sure to check LanCee on all of her social medias: FacebookTwitterInstagramBilibili and of course Youtube!
Alongside her, Voicemith is also very active on socials and you can find them on FacebookTwitterWeiboInstagram and their official website!

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This is all for now!

See ya every one, and stay SYNTHesized! (★ゝз・)ノ~*

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