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Aquatrax is a Chinese company that entered the VOCALOID world with the rhythm game Zyon. This game at first featured the Chinese VOCALOIDs Luo Tianyi and YANHE. Later on, MAYU was added as well. However, Aquatrax doesn’t stop at Zyon. They have much more planned for the future including turning their Zyon mascot, Zing, into a tri-lingual VOCALOID. We’re working together with them to support Zyon as well as all of their VOCALOID related endeavors. You can find their website here and Zyon’s Facebook page here.


Empathy Studios

Empathy Studios is EmpathP’s record label. It’s responsible not only for promoting western producers but also western VOCALOIDs. At the moment, Empathy Studios is working on the VOCAMERICA project which features western VOCALOIDs and UTAUs. We work together with Empathy Studios so that all VOCAMERICA information can be released as quickly as possible and reach as many people as it can. Together, we hope to spread the love of western vocal synthesizers. You can find EmpathP’s Facebook page here.



ST MEDiA are the creators of bilingual Korean VOCALOID UNI who has a released Korean voice bank, two upcoming Korean appends being worked on, and an English bank planned for development. Together, we share UNI with the whole world. We work closely with them to help spread news about the second Korean VOCALOID. Follow ST MEDiA on Facebook here.


VoxWave is a French company that created Alter/Ego voice banks for the vocal synthesis engine Chipspeech. Their first voice, ALYS, was very popular and quite a success. Currently, ALYS even has two albums. They’re also working on their second voice bank, LEORA. Together, we hope to spread the love for not only vocal synthesizers outside of VOCALOID, but also vocal synthesizers with different language voice banks. You can find VoxWave’s official website here.


咏吟轩 (Yong Yin Xuan)

咏吟轩 (Yong Yin Xuan) is one of the largest Chinese VOCALOID circles. They’re a group of talented VOCALOID users who specialize in Chinese VOCALOIDs. As a result, YYX is incredibly popular in China. We teamed up with them to bring more Chinese VOCALOID music to the West as well as spread VOCALOID news throughout China. You can find YYX’s official website here.

Affiliated Websites



Mikufan is the prime English website to keep fans around the world informed on what’s new with their favorite twin-tailed diva. We often rely on Mikufan for information on anything Miku that pops up. We work closely with them to translate their articles into all of VNN’s languages. Mikufan’s website is available here.



VocaDB is a giant information database for everything related to music in VOCALOID and UTAU, and even more. Not only that, but also anyone can add songs and links to the database. Find a song that isn’t on there and know the original source, producer, or any other information? Entry already added but is missing information and know where to find it? Then you can add it yourself.

We work with VocaDB to share the incredible resource that we often use for finding songs, producers, and even original uploads of videos. It’s an indispensable tool for us and we’re happy to let other people know about all the information that’s just a few clicks away. You can find them here.



VocalNexus is a German broadcasting station featuring VOCALOID music and news. Music labels, producers, NicoNico charts, and individual VOCALOID charts are also covered.

VocalNexus attends German conventions with VOCALOID content and is working with VNN to make VOCALOID news from and to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria more internationally known.

VocalNexus and Kibo.FM are non-commercial and work under regulations of German Music Laws (GEMA and GVL). VocalNexus is live every Sunday 20:00 – 22:00 (UTC+1) on Kibo.FM, and the moderator is Freaky Lulu.

VNN will also be helping producers from around the world make their presence in these areas.

VocalNexus’ Website

VocalNexus’ Facebook

Kibo.FM’s Website

partner_vocaloidempireVOCALOID Empire

VOCALOID Empire is a website for Korean VOCALOID fans that is managed by Dr. Yun and other staff. Dr. Yun is a famous producer known for his songs using SeeU and also the creator of VOCALOID UNI.

We hope that our collaboration will help everyone discover more about the Korean VOCALOID community and help the Korean community discover more about VOCALOIDs from around the world! You can find their website here.

Translation Partners

t%c2%a6es%c2%a6eChinese Vocaloid

A Chinese Facebook fan page that helps translate news both from and to Simplified Chinese. They help translate articles for VNN’s Simplified Chinese section and also help translate news on Chinese VOCALOIDs into English. You can find their Facebook page here.


Happy Synthesizer

An Italian Facebook fan page that shares not only VOCALOID but also UTAU and other vocal synthesizer content as well. They help translate our articles into Italian. If you’re an Italian VOCALOID fan, Happy Synthesizer is the page to follow! You can find their page here.

partners_vliVocaloid Lovers Indonesia

An Indonesian Facebook fan page that helps run VNN’s Indonesian section. They also help find Japanese VOCALOID news often and assist in translating from Japanese from time to time. If you’re an Indonesian VOCALOID fan, VOCALOID Lovers Indonesia is the Facebook page to follow! You can find them here.

The art used is by Ruuya and can be found at Pixiv ID #49496149. It is used with permission from the artist.


Mikupa is our Russian partner. They provide VOCALOID news in Russian on their website, and some members write for VNN.