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I am Anne! I am an artist, utau user and vocaloid producer. I am 23, Gemini, NonBin, LesAce, Disabled, Cat Lady, She/He/Them. I voiced and manage USAGI.

Sega MegaMix T-Shirt Contest

Hello bunnies, I’m back!! Today Miku’s English Twitter announced a t-shirt contest to promote the Switch game “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega Mix” or “Hatsune Miku Mega 39”. Celebrate the upcoming launch of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix in the West by submitting a t-shirt design! Five lucky winners …

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FuRyu Prize Debuts “TOONIZE” Figurines!

Hello bunnies! The debut of a new figurine brand named “TOONIZE” was announced today! The first characters to be represented it is Hatsune Miku and friends, otherwise known as the Hatsune Miku series! 新フィギュアブランド『TOONIZE(トゥーンナイズ)』がフリュープライズよりデビュー!第1弾は初音ミクシリーズ!ミク&リン&レンがカートゥーン風デフォルメで立体化★監修中の原型画像&イメージイラストを初公開いたします。20年春から展開予定★続報をお楽しみに!#初音ミク #TOONIZE pic.twitter.com/RcCjJoIn44— 【フリュー公式】PRIZE info (@FURYU_prize) November 6, 2019 As of now, the virtual idols that have …

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