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VNN is Now Vivi Network (VVN)!

After a long debate between members of the team, VNN has decided to rebrand in hopes of appealing to the idol market. While we’ll still cover vocal synthesizers, we’ll be focusing on female, blond-haired idols from now on in order to push the idea that Vivi is a true idol. While she doesn’t have a voice, it doesn’t matter! A true idol is valued by their looks and Vivi is absolutely adorable.

Vivi Network

In the coming days, we’ll be changing all of our social media names and URLs as well as our website URL to reflect this new change. We’ll be keeping older articles (After all, some of those articles get us LOTs of foot traffic) but new articles will focus solely on Zing, IA, ONE, Rin, CYBER DIVA, MAYU, Unity-chan, and Anon. Rejoice, Miku haters! You’ll no longer see any Miku articles on our website!

Conveniently, our logo can also be read a VVN so there’s no need to change that!

We hope you enjoy the new graphics and color scheme made specifically to suit our beautiful Vivi!

Daisy and En

En, as far inferior idol of the male gender, will be completely retired. He’s clearly not fit to be a member of the new VVN.

We will continue to use and promote Daisy as Vivi’s sidekick. She already has an UTAU voice bank so, unfortunately, that makes her more of a virtual idol than Vivi at this point. However, VVN plans to fix this in the coming months as we release the VIVI engine meant specifically for Vivi’s infinite voice banks currently in the works. Paffugo, Daisy’s floating strawberry friend, will be reassigned as Vivi’s mascot character so that she can have a cute pet just like other popular virtual idols!

In addition, Daisy’s Twitter will remain active. However, it will only be used to praise Vivi. Expect a Vivi Twitter to be created in the next few days to represent our new perfect idol.

Other Information

Of course, with the network now being centered around Vivi, expect a lot more Vivi content. Our weekly news reviews will return sometime in the next ten years and will be voiced by Vivi. Voice bank development takes a long time! Especially when Hoshi’s left in charge. She’s a graphic designer, not a programmer!

We’ve used Daisy to cover “Sample Track – UNI (feat. UNI)” but replaced UNI’s name with Vivi’s name! Doesn’t it sound so much better with Vivi’s name in it?

Also, a new VVN forum will also be released within the next month. While this forum will focus on all things vocal synth related and more, we’re planning a Vivi takeover for this as well.

And, finally, expect a lot more Vivi art on our social media!

Join the new VVN by submitting your fan art of Vivi! We’ll feature you on our Facebook and Twitter!

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