Monday , October 23 2017
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VNN LINE and Sticker Set!

As VNN thrives to bring as much to our fans as possible, as well as bring news to as many places as possible, we decided to create a LINE account to add to our platform of delivering news! But that is not all we have for everyone. We also bring you a set of 24 stickers from our lovely UTAU, Daisy Hapyon. The stickers were drawn by Mimikun (azumibird) and they are available on LINE! And if you recognize the art style from somewhere on VNN, you wouldn’t be wrong. Mimikun is also the one who drew our Vivi, En, and Daisy chibis.

LINE Account

There are a few ways you can find us on LINE. To find us, just search for VNN official or @vnn_global under official accounts. You can also scan the QR code below.

Daisy Stickers

In addition, we have a set of 24 Daisy stickers that can be purchased at the link here! If you prefer, you can simply search for “Daisy Hapyon.”



Who is Daisy Hapyon?

Mimikun’s Deviant Art (Azumibird)

About Monds

A Vocal Synthesizer lover who's dream is to connect the world of virtual singers and fans through VNN. Also plays a lot of rhythm games.

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