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VNN is Searching for New Members!

Few years have passed ever since VNN was launched, aiming to create an unique community hub where fans could meet, share their passions for virtual singers and find a reliable source for their news and updates. As VNN’s anniversary is coming closer, we would like to announce our plan to expand our staff group, and we are right here gazing at you, reader!

Time for Some New Friends!

The past year had seen VNN growing, slowly evolving into something big and sparkly. Thanks to the many goals and partnerships we made there were so many things we were able to achieve, making them a reality, and we finally think it’s time to take a step further: inviting new members in our family.

Some of you might think of VNN as just a serious and professional company, where everyone consider this place mostly as their job. This is not exactly the way we are everyday.

All of our members are friends, companions, close to a family, and we often approach things on a fan level of enthusiasm which we don’t always show off in public. We all started off as synthesizer lovers wanting a common place we could be with others. To make it crystal clear: we are not looking for just helpers for the website and social media, we look for friendship as well.

We are looking for is not just new writers and content creators, but also people willing to form a friendship with us and confident personalities willing to have a confront with us regarding new ideas as well!

If you feel would like to partecipate to our project and are confident you may meet the requirements to join us, then we hereby invite you all to introduce yourself to us as a synth fan, willing to share their passion through VNN, no matter the way.

A Growing Family

After this introduction allow me to be more specific: VNN is looking for writers, content creators, allies and any sort of virtual singer fans you might be.

Given the fact that we would love to have you writing and creating content for us (writers are in fact the main category we are looking for), our door is constantly open for anyone that wishes to share their hobby to the world is any way possible. Are you good at MikuMikuDance? Do you love Vocaloid music and would like to share your favorite songs or albums? Are you a vocaloid merchandise collector that would like to talk and review their figures for other fans? Or maybe you love so much a virtual singer/synthesizer engine that talking about it with other is what your looking for?

Then VNN is your place and we would love to have you with us!

Writers, translators and content creators are very welcomed in this family! So, if you would like to have a place where you can bring your country’s fanbase to life by providing translations to your fellows, we are entirely up for it and will support your wish as much as we can!

Doesn’t matter if you are an artist, producer or a simply synth enthusiast, if you want to share this person with us and this fandom freely feel free to contact us through any of our social medias. I will reply you personally as fast as I can!


Even though VNN is legally a company, please acknowledge the fact that all our activities are volunteered by the members.

We have a shop and plan to sell merchandise all around the globe, but the income serves solely as funds for maintenance of VNN’s servers and keep the website online. Given this, please be aware this is not a job and we are not hiring, therefore we cannot promise you any income from this.

All we can possibly offer you is a place to express yourself and finding new friends, a chance to get our help attending events and maybe even meeting the company that brought your favorite character to life. We know it might not be much, but we find the idea of having more friends and so on enough for us to keep going and pursuing this world.

Our activities are simply moved by our fan wish to meet new friends with our same passion, and keep people up to date for the most relevant updates.

Looking Forward Our Encounter!

We are very excited to meet new friends and share our hobby together, as a big happy family filled with smiles and laughter every time our favorite character gets a spotlight. If you ever feel the same, meet us on Facebook and Twitter!

Cannot wait to meet everyone!

A huge shout out to Izeda Datori for providing us this cute little Hapyon Daisy portrayed in the feature image!

About Monds

A virtual singer lover with a dream of connecting the world of virtual singers together through VNN. Monds is also a huge rhythm game fan/player on his spare time.

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