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What is Zyon?

Zyon is a mobile rhythm game developed by AQUATRAX featuring several Virtual Singers such as VOCALOIDs and more as well as other non-VOCALOID characters.
AQUATRAX is also the company developing the upcoming trilingual VOCALOID Zing!


The game includes a progressive story with cut-scenes.


The Virtual singers currently in the game are the VOCALOIDs Luo TianyiYANHE and MAYU. Other Virtual Singers include ALYS and Yan Xi. However, expect more in the future. It also includes a wide variety of songs from the Virtual Singers previously mentioned with a mix of non-VOCALOID songs from producers around the world.


Zyon has three game play modes: “PURE MODE,” “DUAL MODE,” and “DOTS MODE”. Each of these modes have three different patterns for each song. Each song also has the option to be played in all three modes.

PURE MODE is more suitable for those with a tablet or the more experienced in the rhythm game genre.

DUAL MODE is for the more casual in the genre. In this mode, you only need to press the red and blue buttons on the screen.

DOTS MODE is for beginners at rhythm games. If you think the other modes are too difficult, this is the mode for you.

Download Links

iOS App Store

Android Google Play 

For all future updates, you can follow them on their official Facebook page.