What is Zyon?

Zyon is a mobile rhythm game developed by AQUATRAX featuring several Virtual Singers such as VOCALOIDs and more as well as other non-VOCALOID characters.
AQUATRAX is also the company developing the upcoming trilingual VOCALOID Zing!

Zyon now in iOS store

Zyon載音現已在全球發售!(Android版本稍待)Zyon載音 がアプリストアに発売!( Androidバージョンはちょとまって。)Zyon_RhythmGame now available in iOS Store(Android later)Zyon_RhythmGame 는 지금 바로 앱스토어에서 다운로드할 수 있습니다! 【iOS設備支持通知】: iPhone5 and above,iPad3 and above.We are fixing the iPad2 problem,please be patient.DOWNLOAD LINK:https://appsto.re/jp/So1V-.i

Posted by Zyon 載音 on Wednesday, November 18, 2015


The game includes a progressive story with cut-scenes.


The Virtual singers currently in the game are the VOCALOIDs Luo TianyiYANHE and MAYU. Other Virtual Singers include ALYS and Yan Xi. However, expect more in the future. It also includes a wide variety of songs from the Virtual Singers previously mentioned with a mix of non-VOCALOID songs from producers around the world.


Zyon has three game play modes: “PURE MODE,” “DUAL MODE,” and “DOTS MODE”. Each of these modes have three different patterns for each song. Each song also has the option to be played in all three modes.

PURE MODE is more suitable for those with a tablet or the more experienced in the rhythm game genre.

Zyon Rhythm Game:Junk-The Fornula Pure Hard

We have uploaded a new video and recorded how is the gameplay and performance is going to be.It will be one of the hardest song in our release version.The song is this video is made by Japanese artist:Junk.Hope you like it.我們錄製了一個遊戲實機遊玩視頻,使用的歌曲是日本作曲家Junk在Zyon中的收錄曲:The Formula,這也是我們初版最難歌曲之一。希望大家能喜歡。

Posted by Zyon 載音 on Thursday, September 24, 2015

DUAL MODE is for the more casual in the genre. In this mode, you only need to press the red and blue buttons on the screen.

Zyon Rhythm Game:千年食譜頌 DUAL MODE

As we promised,Zyon have two performance modes build into the game.The previous videos we have showed you the PURE MODE(which is the one more suitable for tablet and people who have familiar with rhythm game).Today we are showing you Zyon's DUAL MODE.Which is super easy to learn,just press the red and blue button when the judgement line approaching to the music note and that's as simple as it is.Both mode have 3 different patterns,and each song have both of the two modes.Zyon's first release will feature 42 songs,and more than 250 various patterns. 如我們所提到的,Zyon(載音)擁有兩種有趣的遊戲模式。之前的視頻中,我們展示的,是遊戲中的PURE模式(更適合已對音樂遊戲有一定接觸的玩家)。這次我們展示的是Zyon的“DUAL模式”,隨著判定圈的擴展,點擊對應顏色的按鈕即可完成判定喔(發想靈感來源是project diva和太鼓達人)。每個模式都擁有三種難度的不同譜面,每一首Zyon的收錄曲都會擁有這兩個模式(偷偷告訴大家一下其實還有別的模式正在秘密開發中)。Zyon的首發版本中將會收錄42首歌曲,擁有超過250個完全不同的譜面可以遊玩,對我們來說,製作譜面的量是空前巨大的,這也是為什麼遊戲遲遲還未上線的原因。也請各位諒解。中國版的遊戲已經提交蘋果審核,海外版也進入到最後的封裝階段,那麼請大家再稍稍等待一段時間吧~

Posted by Zyon 載音 on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DOTS MODE is for beginners at rhythm games. If you think the other modes are too difficult, this is the mode for you.

Zyon Android Dots Mode

【Feeling Zyon is too hard and only for the pro?】-New performance mode:Dots Mode in development.-Special design for small screen phones and casual gamers.-All exiting and incoming tracks will add this new mode.-Available at day1 of Android launch.覺得Zyon超難並且只是達人的遊戲嗎?-全新的遊戲模式,dots模式開發中~-為了小屏手機與休閒玩家全新開發的演奏模式。-全部現在的70首歌曲都將追加這個模式並且是完全免費的喔~-隨安卓上線日發布~

Posted by Zyon 載音 on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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