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Anime Tamago PV Shows First Glimpses of Tohoku Zunko Anime “Zunda Horizon”

Anime Tamago released a PV featuring their upcoming anime for this season! Fans who have been following know we announced earlier that the characters have been revealed and that the anime is set to air on March 11th. The latest Anime Tamago PV, however, gave us even more! We have the first glimpses of the Tohoku Zunko anime Zunda Horizon!

The Video

While the preview of Zunda Horizon is a bit short, it definitely helps to build the hype. Now we not only know the style of the anime’s designs, but also the style of the animation as well! Even the short preview looks incredible and it’s getting fans really excited.

The video features all three of the Tohoku sisters (Kiritan, Itako, and Zunko) as well as one of the villains, Ooedo Chanko.

Cast List

The voice actors for the anime have also been revealed! The Tohoku sisters will, of course, be voiced by their voice providers.

Tohoku Zunko:
佐藤 聡美 (Satou Satomi)

Tohoku Kiritan:
茜屋 日海夏 (Akaneya Himika)

Tohoku Itako:
木戸 衣吹 (Kido Ibuki)

Chuugoku Usagi:
桃河 りか (Momokawa Rika)

Shikoku Metan:
田中 小雪 (Tanaka Koyuki)

Kyuushuu Sora:
西田 望見 (Nishida Nozomi)

Ooedo Chanko:
指出 毬亜 (Sashide Maria)

Chuubu Tsurugi:
濱口 綾乃 (Hamaguchi Ayano)

Kansai Shinobi:
今村 彩夏 (Imamura Ayaka)

Okinawa Awamo:
古賀 葵 (Koga Aoi)

Hokkaido Meron:
清水 彩香 (Shimizu Ayaka)

伊藤 ゆいな (Itou Yuina)

More Information

There’s a little less than a month to go before the release of Zunda Horizon! If you haven’t heard of this anime yet, feel free to check out the links below for more information.

Character Visuals Reveal
Initial Reveal and Plot

Stay tuned to VNN for any more updates that may surface!

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