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January, 2017

  • 15 January

    Vsinger’s Concert Tickets Pre-Sales Open!

    On December 8th, VNN attended a conference where Vsinger announced an upcoming concert featuring Luo Tianyi as well as the other Vsinger characters. Pre-sales for the SVIP tickets opened on December 16th and were limited to 500 tickets. All 500 tickets sold out within 3 minutes of the sales opening. …

  • 2 January

    Luo Tianyi’s & Yuezheng Ling’s Performance on Hunan TV 2017!

    Luo Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling sure know how to have fun with fans and celebrate their way to 2017! Luo Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling had a performance on Hunan TV’s 2017 Countdown Concert. The concert was live-streamed for both Mango TV and IQiYi VIP members, Hunan TV uploaded the full performance …

December, 2016

  • 15 December

    Vsinger Live Concert Tracklist & SVIP Ticket Prices Announced!

    On December 14th, Vsinger announced the first batch of the tracklist for the concert on their Weibo. The track list includes Vsinger-loid “classic” and recently famous songs, and they also mentioned “We want your recommendations” on their Weibo, encouraging fans to leave their recommendations of what songs should be used in the concert. We …

  • 9 December

    Luo Tianyi Concert with All 6 Vsinger Characters to Make an Appearance and More!

    On December 4th, a live stream was held by Vsinger, and not only did we see the cute Luo Tianyi merchandise but also we heard a sample of Yuezheng Longya. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to the first male Chinese VOCALOID to release and want more information. Vsinger made a Weibo …

  • 4 December

    Yuezheng Longya’s Demo Revealed and Luo Tianyi Merchandise Open for Pre-order

    Yuezheng Longya‘s First Demo Yesterday, Luo Tianyi’s Weibo announced an upcoming live stream event on Taobao for December 4th. Meanwhile, Longya was hinting his first demo will be featured in the stream. Nonetheless, it was the well-known “Mo Li Hua.” The invited guests on the show were 人形兔, 阿良良木健, 小白 …

November, 2016

  • 28 November

    Luo Tianyi QQ Emoji Stickers Available for Download!

    VNN had written about Luo Tianyi getting a QQ Limixiu last month, and the cute feature received good reviews from fans. Now, Vsinger has announced on Weibo that this little Chinese angel will be joining the QQ Emoji too! They even released a short video with the news. Check it out! …

  • 12 November

    New Quadimension Album “南北极星 EP Vol.1” Crossfade Released!

    Quadimension‘s announced pre-orders for their new album titled 南北极星 EP Vol.1 on November 10th and released a crossfade for the album the next day. 南北极星 EP Vol.1 will be Quadimension’s first “idol-style” EP in their Chinese VOCALOID album project. The tracks on the album are all trios by Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng …

October, 2016

  • 17 October

    Luo Tianyi on Tencent QQ LiMiXiu!

    Vsinger and QQ LiMiXu announced the collaboration after fans surprisingly found out Tianyi was available on QQ LiMiXiu’s customisation mall on October 13th. LiMiXiu is a new feature available on Tencent QQ mobile apps. Users can customize their own avatar and use it as an emoticon, plus it’s capable of interacting …

  • 16 October

    Luo Tianyi’s Performance at China’s 11th Golden Eagle Art Festival!

    It’s been more than six months since Tianyi had her chance to star on TV, where she sang “花儿纳吉” with the Chinese singer 杨钰莹 during the 2016 Hunan TV New Year Gala. On October 15th, Tianyi had the opportunity to perform again at China’s 11th Golden Eagle Art Festival, this …

  • 13 October

    Luo Tianyi Announced Collaboration with Mobile Game”怪物x联盟2″

    Luo Tianyi’s official Weibo announced a collaboration with the RPG mobile game “怪物x联盟2“! Luo Tianyi will be the “leading trainer”, helping players by guiding them in the game world. On top of that, there will be Tianyi themed items and her outfit in the game. The game is now available for iOS devices. …