A Vocaloid fan since the years of middle school who loves the stories and interpretations that their songs tell. The non-story driven songs are also good, too. Personal favorites are Luka, Rin, Len, Gakupo, Bruno, and Clara. (IA comes close and I still enjoy Miku.)

Sing in VOCALOID: VOCALOIDs Singing Outside the Box

If you thought that the VOCALOIDs singing in other languages discussion was over, you are mistaken. While voice banks have designated languages, that hasn't stopped people from making them sing beyond those. Some are successful, while others could use a little more work. Either way, it's quite interesting when you hear VOCALOIDs singing outside the

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VOCALOID Is Multisingual: The Languages of VOCALOID

VOCALOID has been capable of giving people the chance to make their own songs and use voice banks represented by virtual idols to sing those songs. One of the things that’s very impressive is that these voice banks can sing in a number of languages. For the most part, we’re aware that VOCALOIDs can sing

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