showraku(優海亭笙楽)と申します。 別名義にて底辺ボカロPとして細々と活動しつつ、ボカロやDTM関連の記事を書いております。 主に日本向けに記事を書いておりますが、以後お見知り置きを。 (アイコンはmilktea101さん[ ]に描いていただきました。) / My name is showraku(a.k.a. Showraku You-Tei). While working separately as a VocaloidP under another name, I write articles related to VOCALOID and DTM. I write articles mainly for Japan, but please keep informed after that. (Illustrated by milktea101 [ ].)

VNN Interview with AVA!

Greetings. This is Showraku of VNNJP. On August 15th, 2017, I braved the stormy weather to reach AVA‘s office in western Shinjuku in order to score a copy of LUMi’s limited edition! Their office was quite a walk away from the nearest train station and hidden away on a narrow …

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