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More Details of Hatsune Miku Original Summer Dress Ver. Prize Figure Revealed!

While this figure has been available for pre-order for a while, it’s always nice to see some pictures other than the official product shots. These product shots are great for seeing what the figure looks like in perfect lighting. But what about how it’ll look on your shelf? Or even how will it look in outdoor photo shoots? Thankfully, the Piapro blog is giving us some more pictures of the Hatsune Miku Original Summer Dress Ver. prize figure.

About the Figure

This prize figure by TAITO is the second in a series of four Miku figures based on the seasons! Winter was released late last year and Fall is set to release in October. Spring has yet to be announced. While it is a prize figure, it’s also available online. At the moment, not many places are selling it as it’s not yet available. However, it’s set to release in late August so hopefully pre-orders in more places will start soon!

New Photographs

These photographs show off the figure in quite some interesting lighting! While TAITO’s official website shows off the amazing small details, these photos on the Piapro blog show off the figure in general. You can see the front and back of her outfit and the lighting really shows off her translucent hair! Plus we finally get to see the beautiful base she stands on.

While there still aren’t any pictures of Miku without her dress (you can take the dress off to reveal the swimsuit underneath!), she still looks amazing. Hopefully there will be more pictures in the future!

Where to Purchase

This figure is a prize figure so it’s following a slightly different schedule than scales. While scaled figures are up for pre-order months before their release, these usually only appear after the release. However, the Winter figure was available on a few websites shortly before the release.

At the moment, the following websites have this figure available for pre-order:

Tokyo Otaku Mode (US Only)



More Information

Piapro Blog

Official Website

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