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The Vocalina YouTube is Active Again!

About a week ago, the official YouTube channel for the Korean text-to-speech singing synthesizer “Vocalina” began uploading videos. After looking into things some more, it seems the synth may be making a comeback!

The YouTube Uploads

The official Vocalina YouTube has been uploading videos for about a week now. As of the time of writing this article, 8 original songs and 7 covers have been uploaded. Of these covers, a few are Korean covers of rather popular Japanese VOCALOID songs!

The first upload is an original song featuring both of the Vocalina voice banks, Khylin and VORRA.

In the description of the video is a word from the previous manager of the channel. Please note that this is a rough translation and may be slightly different.

Good morning. Thank you for your patience with Vocalina TV, which has not been updated for three years.
I have not been on the side of 티젠스 who updated Vocalina TV.
The Vocalina Fan Cafe (VocalinaClub) has a new manager, Anushika (아누시카), who took over starting on January 3rd.

I have not been able to manage YouTube accounts and I have had a lot of difficulties.
You can be rest assured that the account was handed directly from 티젠스 and is not a hack.
You can see it as Vocalina TV and VocalinaTV 2.
In addition, all the videos posted except for the demo songs have permission from the producers to post here.
For the time being, this channel seems to be used for the support of Vocalina users.
If we get a big hit… we are going to share this with the producers…
Before that, let me update… nevermind.

Could this be hinting at an update about Vocalina? Or is it just a little joke? Only time will tell!

About Vocalina

Vocalina is a Korean text-to-speech singing synthesizer. It currently features two female vocals, though one has since been retired. VORA is not compatible with the latest update, leaving only Khylin available on the newest version.

Vocalina was developed in late 2011 with VORA as its first voice bank. While SeeU was released around this time, the two actually didn’t compete much. They even performed in a concert together!

Vocalina’s 5th anniversary was on December 18th, 2015, and an event was held to celebrate it. However, this was the first update in quite a while. While the software has seen several upgrades, it’s yet to see new voice banks or have VORA re-added.

More Information

At the moment, there’s not much information on Vocalina. The VOCALOID Wiki has a page dedicated to the synth. It covers the two singers as well as the software.

If you’d like to listen to works featuring the Vocalina singers, check out the official Vocalina TV YouTube channel here and be sure to subscribe if you like them! You can also check out Khylin and VORRA‘s VocaDB entries to find more songs featuring the two.

Be sure to stay tuned to VNN for any more information that may surface!

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