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February, 2017

  • 1 February

    Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo Ver. Figure Now Available for Pre-order!

    As promised, it’s February 1st in Japan and the Megurine Luka Hanairogoromo Ver. Figure is now available for pre-order! Online pre-orders will likely remain open until the websites run out of stock. Luka’s set to ship in November 2017. Ordering at Snow Miku Sky Town Those who plan to travel …

January, 2017

  • 31 January

    VOCALOID UNI Pre-orders and Release Date!

    Since the reveal of UNI’s design back in August of 2015, everyone has been anxious as to when her official release date will be. Well, the long wait is finally over. We now have an official release date! Physical copies will be available for pre-order on her official website “Character …

  • 30 January

    Megurine Luka’s 8th Anniversary Celebrations!

    Miku, Rin, and Len are all hitting their big 10th anniversaries this year, but Luka’s not to be left out! While her 10th is still two years away, the Megurine Luka anniversary celebrations are still in full swing! KARENT As part of the celebrations, Crypton’s music service KARENT set up a …

  • 27 January

    Hatsune Miku Original Winter Clothes Version Figure Review

    Not to be mistaken with the popular Snow Miku line of designs and figures, this Miku just happens to be wearing winter clothes as well! Though no one would complain if this became an official Snow Miku design, honestly. Named “Hatsune Miku Original Winter Clothes Version,” this gal is surprisingly …

  • 27 January

    IA’s Live-stream Summary: IA Talk Bank, ONE App, Plushie, and More!

    1st Place held a live-stream for IA and ONE‘s anniversary on Facebook, Bilibli, and NND. The stream was roughly two hours long. You can watch it as of this writing on “IA World Page” until January 31st (JST), however if you don’t feel like watching all of it and just …

  • 26 January

    EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Announces Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary Celebration Album

    2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Hatsune Miku’s release. In this past decade, we’ve seen hit after hit with this digital diva. In March of 2009, Exit Tunes launched the EXIT TUNES PRESENTS VOCALOID compilation series featuring hits from Niconico. This sixteenth album, Vocalohistory, has a theme of “The History …

  • 25 January

    VOCALOID UNI Demo, Price, and Product Page!

    After much anticipation about the upcoming Korean VOCALOID UNI, the wait is almost over and we have some final details before her release! Product Page You can now view her product page with price and information about UNI (Korean). No worries, though. We will give you the important details in English! …

  • 24 January

    VOCALOID Figure Collecting: Where to Buy

    In our last VOCALOID figure collecting guide, we went over where NOT to get your figures. If you haven’t read that yet, be sure to check it out here. But that begs the questions as to where you should get figures from. So in this article, I’ll be covering VNN’s …

  • 24 January

    IA ROCKS Figure Open for Pre-order!

    In December, pre-orders for the ONE figure were opened and there was mention of an IA ROCKS figure being available for pre-order in January. Well, if you were looking to get a 1/8th scale figure of IA, the time has now come! She will be released in July of 2017, roughly one month after ONE. …

  • 24 January

    Preorders Now Open For Racing Miku 2015: Thailand Ver. 1/8 Scale Figure

    The Racing Miku 2015: Thailand Ver. figure is now available for preorder! She features an original design by Taiki, the official illustrator of Racing Miku 2015, under the theme of tropical beach and shows lovely tan from the warm sun and clear skies of Thailand. Racing Miku 2015: Thailand Ver. …