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March, 2016

  • 7 March

    VOCALOID Week in Review Feb 29th to March 6th, 2016

    This week, Miku and Stardust took the spotlight. We got to hear Stardust's album crossfade, learned more about Project Diva X,  saw some new merchandise, and received a teaser for a new MMD model. Here's your VOCALOID week in review. Stardust News The newest Chinese VOCALOID Stardust made news in the VOCALOID world this week

  • 6 March

    Hatsune Miku Squishable Announced

    Squishable recently announced a collaboration with Crypton Future Media to make a Hatsune Miku Squishable brand hanging plush. Currently, the item is up for preorder with orders closing in June 2016. Source: Squishable.com The design of the Miku Micro Squishable follows that of most of Squishable's products: a spherical character made to look cute. The

  • 4 March

    Stardust Album Crossfade Released

    We've known for a while that Stardust is having an album released alongside an art book and many other goods. We've even covered it in detail in a previous article. However, we were unable to say what was going to be on"Starwish" until now. Along with the song names and producers, a crossfade advertising the

  • 2 March

    Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X Adds New “Ultimate Medley”

    You know how every Hatsune Miku: Project Diva game to date has had that one “boss” song that is just too difficult to clear compared to the rest of the music set? Thanks to the introduction of the “medley” concept, it looks like Project Diva X will also be adding what has been dubbed

February, 2016

  • 29 February

    VOCALOID Week in Review Feb 22nd to Feb 28th, 2016

    This VOCALOID week in review is filled with merchandise! Get your wallets ready because there's a little bit of something for everyone. Additionally, get your ears ready because a new Stardust demo was released! Finally, there's a contest looking for original songs featuring Xin Hua. Here's your VOCALOID week in review. Second Stardust Demo Released

  • 28 February

    Hatsune Miku Spring 2016 ver. Happy Kuji (Lottery) Event Now Underway!

    Happy Kuji’s bi-yearly lottery event is again underway in Japan for Spring 2016, with Hatsune Miku and fellow Cryptonloids taking the theme of the prize event. The event works by buying “lottery tickets” from any participating store, such as Family Mart and Animate shops. You will instantly win a prize from a random prize

  • 27 February

    Last Three Songs for First Fukase Album Announced

    The final three songs for the first Fukase album were recently announced. As we mentioned before, the first VOCALOID Fukase album, “VOCALOID Fukase ~THE GREATEST HITS~”, is set to be released at the end of March. When the album was first announced, we only knew ten of the 13 songs. Now we know all of

  • 24 February

    V Flower Album “Once in a Lifetime” Released

    A new album featuring both v flower and v4 flower is now up for purchase both physically and digitally. The v flower album titled "一期一会" or "Ichigoichie" ("Once in a Lifetime") features songs from various producers. In addition, downloads and physical purchases both come with special bonuses. The Album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5q8AAw16Jo The album has

  • 23 February

    Senbonzakura Themed PC Glasses Released by Washin

    You may or may not have heard about the original Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F collaboration PC glasses by Washin, released back in 2013 (we missed writing an article on them!). The collaboration seems to have gone well for them, as they have since released Racing Miku 2014 and 2015 glasses and sunglasses. Their

  • 22 February

    VOCALOID Week in Review Feb 15th to Feb 21st, 2016

    Here's your VOCALOID week in review for February 15th to February 21st, 2016. We have some information on Project Diva X, a bit of merch news, some voice bank news, and even a new MMD model gracing the pages of VNN. Project Diva X News Sega has released new details regarding Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA