All Crypton VOCALOIDs Now Available in Brave Frontier!

Crypton fans rejoice! As many of us thought (and even more were crossing our fingers for), Miku’s friends are rejoining her in a month-long Brave Frontier extravaganza! Starting on May 3rd at 7 PM PST, KAITO, MEIKO, Rin, Len, and Luka will all be available via summoning and will remain available until June 5th, when Miku’s Vortex event ends.



The event will be available from May 3rd, 7:00 PST until June 5th, 6:59 PST (May 3rd, 8:00 PDT until June 5th, 7:59 PDT).

During this time, the summon gate will cost 3 gems (a 2 gem discount from usual summons).

The Crypton VOCALOIDs are not the only VOCALOIDs available during this summon. Everything from before the Alpha’s batch will be available from this gate with the minimum level of each unit being 3 stars.

Rin, Len, MEIKO and KAITO’s 4 and 5 star forms can be summoned from the pool.

Luka’s 5 star form can be summoned from the pool.

Gems can be earned in-game or purchased. Frontier Hunter, a special event that allows you to get quite a few gems, happens every month. While newer players may struggle to get enough points, the community can work together to help these new players out! Feel free to share friend codes so that everyone can get gems and work towards getting all the VOCALOIDs!

Remember to check out Miku’s Vortex Dungeon as well if you haven’t already! There, you can grab the Digital Diva herself (with a little luck, of course).

Source: Brave Frontier Forums Announcement

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