English VOCALOID 4 Voices Dex and Daina Revealed!

Yesterday, Kenji-B hosted a live stream to announce the newest English speaking VOCALOIDs: Dex and Daina! Their theme is “The Fox and The Hound”, with Daina being the fox and Dex the hound, and they were drawn by EmissarySteel. With a release date of this summer, they’re already rather far into production. However, Dex is more farther along than Daina. (Please also note that these names may change upon release. Dex and Daina are placeholders that Kenji-B and EmpathP hope will be the final names.)

There will be one voice bank per character with the possibility of appends coming later on depending on how well the two sell. Whether they’ll be sold together, separately, or like Bruno and Clara where you can choose either method is unknown at the moment.


Dex’s voice is Pop-oriented but not limited to Pop music. He’s capable of doing Rock, which a lot of people are happy about. His voice is also husky with breathy qualities in the lower ranges and power in the higher ranges.

His range is C2-F#3.


Daina is a softer female tone but not so soft that it’s similar to AVANNA. Similar to Cyber Diva and Ruby but without the nasalness or metalic-ness of Ruby, her lower notes are raspy while her higher notes have moments of notable power. Kenji-B describes her voice as falsetto-like.

Her voice is geared for Pop but is not quite as versatile as Dex. Pop and Electronic will work for her but she’s not very good at Rock.

Her range is G2-D4.


Both banks will have extra phonemes to help support the oddities of the English language. At this time, we’re not sure whether or not there will be extra phonemes to support other languages. However, these phonemes will not be used by default in the VOCALOID Editor and, as such, the user will have to manually put them in.

Each bank will have three pitches for articulation and six for stationary notes.

They will not be multilingual. Extra phonemes may provide something like MAIKA, but at this time, Kenji-B cannot confirm if this will be the case.

However, these banks use a custom recording script written by Prince Syo. They do not use Ruby’s script like some have believed.

At this moment, it’s believed that they won’t have a Mac version due to Zero-G not having access to the NEO technology as of the last time Kenji-B checked.

Their difficulty will be very easy. According to Kenji-B, they sound well-tuned and don’t require much effort.

Also included in the stream were several demos featuring both of the English VOCALOIDs. With Kenji-B’s permission, someone uploaded the demo reel to YouTube.

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