Hatsune Miku Appears in an Episode of “Aware! Meisaku-kun!”

Readers may recall how we previously reported on Hatsune Miku singing the ending theme to the anime series Aware! Meisaku-kun. But on the October 20th episode of the anime, Miku did more than just sing at the end; she actually appears in the episode itself, which can now be watched on YouTube!

In episode 63 of the comedy short, Miku appears in Meisaku-kun’s world to make everyone there “do the Mikku Miku.” For years, fans have always wondered exactly what that entails, but seeing how it apparently involves eye lasers, it may or may not be what you expect. Either way, this marks the first time in about nine years since Miku has made an official appearance in an anime series!

Today on “Aware! Meisaku-kun,” Hatsune Miku makes a special guest appearance! The angelic Miku-san comes to color the world of Meisaku-kun in Mikku Miku! Don’t miss the episode on NHK’s ETV program “BITWORLD” tonight at 6:20! #名作くん http://blog.piapro.net/2017/10/p1710191-1.html

While Miku has made cameos in other series such as Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei and Lucky☆Star before, this episode of Aware! Meisaku-kun features the digital diva far more prominently than any other anime series has done before. In fact, even before the episode’s airing, Crypton’s Wataru Sasaki was quick to take to Twitter in order to dispel any notions that her portrayal in the anime should be taken as official or affect the public’s image of her.

Since Hatsune Miku is just appearing in a single comedy/parody episode of “Aware! Meisaku-kun,” I don’t think this will have any effect on her general image. As long as she appears super-deformed in any way, it should be recognized as unofficial. Furthermore, we’re currently arranging for her guest appearance in yet another anime.

In the same tweet, he even teases about another possible anime appearance for Miku!

Stay tuned to VNN for any news of Miku’s future appearances in anime and other media!

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