Hatsune Miku Shanghai Performance & Miku Chinese V4 Debut!

While the official Facebook announcement on Miku’s page doesn’t say much about the Hatsune Miku Shanghai performance, digging a little deeper gets you quite a few surprises. Miku Chinese V4 will have her debut, and a super cute plushie is available for pre-order!

About the Concert

Hatsune Miku will be performing at "B.I.G. Carnival 'Banana.IP.Galaxy'" outdoor music festival in Shanghai on April…

Posted by Hatsune Miku on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Date: Saturday, April 22nd, 2017
[The exact time will be published in the B.I.G. official update]

Venue: Expo Park in PuDong New District Shanghai
[1700 Expo Avenue (close to ZhouJiaDu Road)]

This will be Miku’s first ever concert outdoors in China! It’ll also mark the debut of Hatsune Miku Chinese V4.

B.I.G.’s official Facebook has a list of the whole concert lineup.

Banana Culture B.I.G Carnival – Line-Up香蕉计划B.I.G嘉年华重金邀来国内外人气歌手及DJ助阵音乐节。华语乐坛人气歌手 #华晨宇、#萧敬腾、#田馥甄、#初音未来 #林宥嘉、#孟佳、#二珂…

Posted by 香蕉計劃Project Banana on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Miku V4 Chinese Performance

According to the international Taobao ticket website, Miku will sing seven songs in Chinese. The songs haven’t been named, but this will be the first time her Chinese bank will be in concert. While she’s sung in Chinese in the past, these were NOT using her Chinese voice bank.

Buying Tickets

Special VIP tickets are available through Taobao here. Not only do they give fans access to a special VIP area, but also a Miku themed gift as well as a complimentary drink. Tickets cost ¥880.00 RMB ($128.08 USD).

Large Plushie Available for Pre-order

There’s also a plushie available for pre-order on Taobao! You will also receive a second, smaller plush for free! (Only 500 are available)

Large plushies cost ¥390.00 RMB ($56.76 USD) to pre-order.

Large Plushie Details

Surface: Superior crystal ultra-soft fabric

Stuffing: Polypropylene cotton

Size: Approx. 535 mm

Small Plushie Details

Surface: Superior crystal ultra-soft fabric

Stuffing: Polypropylene cotton

Size: Approx. 184 mm

More Information

For more information, be sure to follow Miku’s official Facebook page as well as B.I.G.’s official Facebook. And, as always, stay tuned to VNN for more updates!

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