IA ENGLISH C -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- for CeVIO on sale June 29th!

We talked a lot about the popular virtual idol IA‘s English voice bank, after we’ve been able to hear her voice being used on some of the IA/04 -STAR- album tracks. Today, after some months of silence, 1st PLACE revealed IA ENGLISH C -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-, her new English voice bank that will be on sale for the CeVIO Creative Studio 6 software on June 29th!

About IA English C

We’ve been talking about how IA could get an English voice bank, in the past, and we were finally able to see our dreams come true after 1st PLACE confirmed IA English’s existence with some of her newest official album’s tracks.

IA ENGLISH C will be available for CeVIO on June 29th, 2018 on the Vector PC Shop! She’ll get two different singing voice banks for the software, named Natural and Powerful.

Below you can hear IA’s English voice in some of IA/04 -STAR- album track samples!


Conqueror by Sendra

Absolute Zone by Koto Hamana, Mes, KAIDO, Sadaharu Yagi, EDGAR & Hayao Konishi


Where to purchase

We don’t have any link to her product page yet, but we already know IA ENGLISH C -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- will soon be on sale on the Vector PC Shop. You can buy her in a bundle with CeVIO Creative Studio 6 for 11,800 JPY ($107 USD), or just buy her voice alone for 7,500 JPY ($68 USD). We’ll keep you updated once her product page link is announced!

More info

Stay tuned to VNN for more news about IA and her English voice bank! And don’t forget to follow her official social medias!

IA World Page Facebook page
1st PLACE Facebook page
1st PLACE on Twitter

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