IA Talk Now Available

March 1st marked the release of the much anticipated IA Talk CeVIO voice bank. While her free trial is over, her full version is now available for purchase!


IA Talk has quite a few demos. In addition to her “ARIA ON THE RADIO” appearances, she also has demos on SoundCloud.

Where to Buy and Prices

IA Talk is available in four different digital download packages online at the Vector PC Shop. Please note that the website is in Japanese.

IA Talk Standalone: ¥5,400 JPY (about $47 USD)
IA Talk Starter Pack (IA Talk + Editor): ¥8,500 JPY (about $75 USD)
ARIA Talk Voice Standalone (IA Talk + ONE Talk): ¥9,440 JPY (about $83 USD)
ARIA Talk Starter Pack (IA Talk + ONE Talk + Editor): ¥13,220 JPY (about $116 USD)

Please note that IA Talk does NOT use the VOCALOID Editor. It uses CeVIO, which is a different software completely. If you’d like to use IA Talk, you must have the CeVIO Editor.

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