IA, Yukari, and Una All Nominated For a Vector ProRegi Award!

Vector PC Shop has revealed the nominees for the 28th Biannual ProRegi Awards, and one look at the Best Creator Tool category will likely turn some heads for many VOCALOID fans! That’s because IA Talk, VOICEROID 2 Yuzuki Yukari, and Otomachi Una Talk Ex have all been nominated for the category!

This award recognizes the most popular and most widely-downloaded software releases from the first half of 2017. This category was previously won by VOICEROID+ Tohoku Kiritan EX during the 27th ProRegi Awards earlier this year.

Developer Tweets

“IA Talk has been nominated for a Vector ProRegi Award! Please support her! Also, IA Talk, ONE, and their respective Starter Sets are now on sale at a special discounted price! More info on the 28th Vector ProRegi Awards here: http://n.shop.vector.co.jp/service/special/award/ #IA #ONE #IATALK

“VOICEROID 2 Yuzuki Yukari has received a nomination for the Best Creator Tool category in the 28th Vector ProRegi Award! Voting ends on Thursday, August 10th at 15:00! Please give her your votes!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ”

?The text-to-speech software ‘Otomachi Una Talk Ex’ is a nominee for Best Creator Tool in the 28th Vector ProRegi Award.?Please vote for her.?We have until 8/10 (Thurs) at 15:00❗

Unsurprisingly, as soon as the announcement was made, each of the nominees’ respective development companies – 1st Place, AH-Software, and INTERNET Co., Ltd. – took to Twitter to raise awareness about and call for votes for their own products.

The voting page can be found here. After you have decided on your pick for the winner, find the following green box next to their portrait to cast your vote!

Voting closes on Thursday, August 10th at 3:00 PM (JST), and the winner will be announced one week later on Thursday, August 17th.

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