More Info on Hatsune Miku x Crash Fever 2018 Collaboration Revealed!

With the Hatsune Miku x Crash Fever 2018 collaboration now less than a day away, Wonder Planet is revealing more information on the festivities! We now have a list of quests from the event, as well as new unit reveals. In addition, the official Crash Fever JP YouTube channel uploaded two of the original songs set to be featured for all to listen to!

Please note there is still no confirmation on this event coming to Global.

New Quests

The new quests currently don’t have official English names. These are simply fan translations.

巫女装束の歌姫 (Shrine Maiden Diva)
Available in Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert difficulty

スタンドバイ・パーティ! (Stand-By Party!)
Available in Normal, Hard, Expert, and Wizard difficulty

サプライズパーティ初音ミク (Surprise Party Hatsune Miku)
Available in Expert, Wizard, and Ultimate difficulty

Returning Quests

All returning collaboration quests will be available from the beginning of the event (January 25th) until the end up the event (February 9th). This gives fans who missed out on these events ample time to grind for all the Bug Max units they can get their hands on! In addition, some of these quest units are needed to awaken other units from the previous Miku collaboration event. So be sure to check all your VOCALOID units to see if you need to put any extras aside!

Frosty Diva

Starry Sky Diva

Sing it! Hatsune Miku V3 Wizard


Run, Run, ALICE GP

Secret Event Spy Mission

Electric Diva’s Fallen Angel

Collaboration Quest: ヴァーチャル★SPライブ (Virtual ★ SP Live!)

This special raid quest – the first ever of its kind for a Miku collab in Crash Fever – will reportedly have players cheering for Miku and her friends as they appear for a special live performance!

This special raid quest is not unlike many others that have been in Crash Fever’s Japanese game before. However, Global has yet to see such a mechanic.

Collaboration-Exclusive Fever Mode

If you thought the previous Fever move during the last Miku collab was amazing, you’re in for quite the treat this time around! The entire screen will be Miku-fied as you hit music notes on a live stage background. We’ll likely hear Miku’s voice return as you hit the Crash Panels, but there’s no confirmation on that yet.

Login During the Event for a Free Unit!

It seems that there won’t be a Yukine this year as a free unit. Instead, fans can collect a Six Star 結実する未来 初音ミク (Harbinger of a Bright Future, Hatsune Miku), illustrated by 村上ゆいち (Yuichi Murakami), just by logging in during the event.

Please note the English translation of the name is not official.

Daily Login Bonuses

Login every day from January 26th to February 2nd to collect Hatcher tickets and increase the Bugs on your Harbinger of a Bright Future, Hatsune Miku!

New Units

Along with new units comes new music and voices in the game as well! New and older units will have voices added to their attacks and two special Miku units will also have songs played when they use their skills! Miku and Luka will talk when their C Skills are activated, and 純律の永唱姫 初音ミク (Eternal Diva of Just Intonation, Hatsune Miku) and 旋慄の影唱姫 初音ミク (Shadow Diva of Revolving Terror, Hatsune Miku) will both have special music play when their skills are activated.

All units are shown in the 6* forms. English names are fan translations and are not official.

純律の永唱姫 初音ミク  (Eternal Diva of Just Intonation, Hatsune Miku), illustrated by さいとうなおき (Naoki Saito)

旋慄の影唱姫 初音ミク (Shadow Diva of Revolving Terror, Hatsune Miku), illustrated by 村上ゆいち (Yuichi Murakami)

異麗鳴演 巡音ルカ&初音ミク (Elegant Performers, Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku), illustrated by 黒獅子 (Kurojishi)

協双奏響 鏡音リン&鏡音レン (Twin Echoes, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len), illustrated by n:go

Music Reveals

As mentioned previously, there are three featured producers making music for this collaboration! The first two songs have been revealed and, according to the Crash Fever official Twitter, the third and final song will be revealed sometime within the next 24 hours or so!

**UPDATE** Third and final song now available!

The below English song titles are fan translations and are not official.

Song Title: Beat←捕まえて Heart←動きだせ (Beat←Capture, Heart←Move)
Producer: tilt-six


Song Title: クロクロクロ (Black Black Black)
Producer: かいりきベア (Kairiki bear)


Song Title: ハッピーパウダー (Happy Powder)
Producer: ピノキオピー (PinocchioP)


Official Promo Image

While there’s no official word on if these will be units, the official promo image features the Crash Fever mascot, Happy, dressed as Miku, and another Crash Fever unit dressed as Rin.

More Information

For more information, be sure to stay tuned to VNN. We’ll be sure to reveal details as they come. There’s a live stream at 19:00 JST on January 24th and we’ll be attempting to cover any special news that they may reveal. Keep an eye on Crash Fever‘s official YouTube channel or Niconico Live on January 24th to catch the livestream! You can also check out the links below for information on the previous event in the global version.

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