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kokone’s 4th Anniversary Sale and VOCALOTRACKS Song Contest

To celebrate kokone‘s 4th anniversary on February 14th, 2018, not only is there a sale on INTERNET Co.‘s website, but another VOCALOTRACKS x kokone contest has been announced!

In commemoration of the 4th anniversary of VOCALOID kokone’s release, we are now accepting original songs sung by ! We will be distributing them all for the world to enjoy (with stipulations). We eagerly await all of your entries. 

Sale Details

There is currently a sale on the INTERNET Co. website for 40% off of any of their VOCALOIDs, with the exception of Otomachi Una.

The VOCALOIDs included in the sale are VOCALOID 4 Megpoid and Gakupo, VOCALOID 3 Chika, kokone, CUL, Lily, Megpoid English and Gachapoid. The sale applies to both their digital download and physical boxed versions (including their starter packs). Their boxed versions will even come with a free 8GB USB.

The sale began on 14th February and will run until February 28th, 2018.

INTERNET Co. Sale main visual

To get 40% off on a purchase of one of the above VOCALOIDs, customers must first add the product to their cart and then enter the Coupon Code ‘KOKONE4TH214’ (without quotes) and click the [ クーポン適用 ] (Apply coupon) button.

If you’re interested, you can check out the sale here.

Contest Details

VOCALOTRACKS is hosting a song contest where entrants must submit a song using the VOCALOID 3 kokone vocal library. The winning entries will be distributed by VOCALOTRACKS through various national and international music distributors.

Please note that the songs must meet Internet Co.’s guidelines for character usage in order to be eligible for distribution.

VOCALOTRACKS x kokone main visual

Entry Period

The contest opened on February 14th, 2018, and will end on March 19th, 2018 at 15:00 JST.


Song entries can be of any genre, and both previously-published and unpublished songs will be accepted.

However, all entries must be original songs that are not contracted or copyrighted to any particular publishing company.

You will not be able to enter in any of the following cases:

  • If you have previously transferred the publishing rights for your song to a recording company, and thus no longer own the rights to the master recording
    (Those that have been assigned an ISRC, be warned)
  • If the lyricist, composer, music writer, etc. are separate individuals, and not every party’s approval for the song’s entry is confirmed
  • If you enter songs that use VOCALOIDs other than those from Internet Co. or the VY series (this includes use in a chorus)
  • As long as there is no exclusivity contract in place, and you still own the rights to the master recording, then VOCALOTRACKS can accept entries for songs that have been previously distributed by another company (in which case they would assign it a new ISRC number). However, if this is the case, there may be some distribution sites that will not accept the entry. Some like the iTunes Store would distribute them as a separate record altogether.

Distribution site list

The winning entries may be distributed via any of the following sites. Please note that only major sites are listed, and that there may be others available.

Domestic distributors/distribution sites

Overseas distribution sites

How to Enter


In order to enter the contest, you must first register in advance with your name, contact e-mail and contact phone number. Those who have entered any previous VOCALOTRACKS contest may use their existing registration information.

You can register for the contest here.

Entry Guidelines

Entrants must provide the following:

  • Music (in .wav formart / 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, STEREO); 65 MB max file size (about 6 minutes long)
  • Song lyrics (in .txt format)
  • Thumbnail images* (in .jpg format / 2500 × 2500 pixels / aspect ratio of 1 : 1)
  • Photos* of the artist(s) (in .jpg format / 2500 × 2500 pixels / aspect ratio of 1 : 1 / to be used on the distribution sites)
  • Name of the artist or representing artist if more than one (to be notified by VOCALOTRACKS)
  • Creator’s name (for both lyricist and composer) (We suggest using a name converter if you do not have a Japanese name and are prompted to give your name in kana)
  • Song title
  • Name of the master recording rights holder** (may or may not be displayed on the distribution sites)
  • Name of the copyright holder** (may or may not be displayed on the distribution sites)

*Note that if the thumbnail image or artist photos are not the specified size, VOCALOTRACKS will resize the images themselves. If the aspect ratio is not 1 : 1, blank space can be added along the sides of the image.

**Note that the some distributions sites like iTunes and Amazon MP3 will display the names of the master recording rights and copyright holders.

Number of Entries

Up to 3 entries are allowed per person.

Important Points

  • After the entry deadline, you cannot change your submitted music, thumbnail image, artist photo, creator name, song title, or the names of the master recording rights holders and copyright holders for any reason. Please keep this in mind before you enter.
  • Entrants under the age of 20 must obtain parental or guardian consent for the Entry Guidelines and Important Points. Contest winners who are under the age of 20 may be asked to provide a letter of consent from parents or guardians.
  • Before entering, please ensure that any submitted works do not infringe on any copyrights or the intellectual property rights of any third party.

Winning Entries

  • The contest winners will enter a royalty agreement with VOCALOTRACKS. All rights to the songs will remain with the creators themselves.
  • VOCALOTRACKS may request to make modifications, arrangements, or remastering of the winning songs.
  • VOCALOTRACKS will contact the winners directly via their registered e-mail address.

Source Links

INTERNET Co. kokone’s 4th Anniversay sale page

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About Jade Kaiba

Jade is an artist, writer and musician based in the UK, who has a particular fondness for Vocaloids. Her favourite loids are Fukase, Oliver, Gumi and IA.