Mamama Yuzuki Yukari MMD Model Released!

After being teased in a previous live stream that was filled with Yuzki Yukari items, the much awaited Mamama Yuzuki Yukari MMD Model has finally been released! The model is available as a free download on Bowlroll.

Mamama Yuzuki Yukari

yukari_toppose The new Yukari model has Mamama’s expert modeling and, from the looks of the preview video, pretty good physics. While one may have to play with the physics settings of MMD a bit to get her hair to behave, overall the model is still of Mamama quality right down to how the model reacts to movements.

Fans can easily create still images as well as videos with this new model.

Of course, as MMD users know, the model comes with terms of use. We ask that you follow these terms in order for the model to remain available for use in the VOCALOID community. The basic terms have been translated into English (below) though we can’t promise a 100% accurate translation nor do we have a translation of every detail. You can find the official Japanese terms of use here. However, our English translation should provide a good point of reference. (Or at least a better reference than the go-to online translators.)

Terms of Use

The Yukari model is by Mamama and is Copyright (C) 2016 VOCALOMAKETS powered by Bumpy Factory Corp.

1) When using the model, please follow the guidelines set by the character use policy.

2) To use this model:

2.1) Non-business-related individuals and fan groups may create, distribute, and publicly display their created works without needing to obtain prior permission. Acceptable works include videos, still images, printed material (doujinshi, leaflets, posters, CD jacket covers, etc.), interactive media (video games, VR content), etc.

yukari_mainstand2.2) The right holders forbid the unpermitted distribution or selling of any solid-body recreation of the model.

2-3) When distributing the model’s binary code for use in interactive media, please encrypt or compress the data into an un-reusable form. (While we are unsure of the exact meaning of this, it’s safe to say don’t simply redistribute the model.)

2-4) Special consent must be obtained before any commercial use of the model. Any business affairs concerning Yuzuki Yukari are cosigned with AH-Software Co. Ltd. Please inquire using the following form here.

3) Editing the model:

3.1) Users may alter the original model to any expressed necessary extent, as well as publicly display any works that use an altered model. However, appending any part of the original model onto another model, or changing it into another character besides Yuzuki Yukari, are strictly forbidden.

3.2) Users are free to change the format of the model at their own discretion. However, the right holders have no control over the final appearance or conduct of an altered model. Therefore, please refrain from tarnishing the public image of the character model, which can result from differences in individual rendering engines.

yukari_topback4) Redistribution:

4.1) Regardless of the presence or absence of changes made, unpermitted distribution, selling, or trading of data containing any part of the model is strictly forbidden. However, in accordance with guidelines 2.1 and 2.3, only cases in which the model is compressed into an un-reusable form, such as for use in interactive media, are allowed.

5) Disclaimers:

5.1) The right holders are not responsible for any damages, loss of profit, or other incidents resulting from usage of the model.

6) Revisions in the guidelines:

6.1) The right holders may make revisions to any points from the below webpages, or to the guideline contents.

Preview Video


The preview video cannot be streamed. Please click the image above or click here to view the video on NND. It can be watched without an account.


If you would like to download the model, you can do so on Bowlroll here. You can find the official page for the model on the Vocalomarkets website here.

If you’d like to see all of the Yukari merch teased on the live stream this model was first shown in, check out our article.

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