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New Albums ‘ALYS Around the World’ and ‘Solstice 2017’ from VoxWave!

Today, we bring you news of two new albums from VoxWave, ‘Solstice 2017’ and ‘ALYS Around the World!’

Solstice 2017

First off, VoxWave has announced the album ‘Solstice 2017,’ featuring ALYS and LEORA!

The album will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Deezer.

So far, the songs which have been announced for the album are:

Pre-order ‘Solstice 2017’ on Bandcamp

You can listen to the songs which will appear on the album by checking out the YouTube playlist below.

ALYS Around the World

VoxWave has also released a cover album called ‘ALYS Around the World,’ which features 8 songs that were originally sung by ALYS, and covered in 7 different languages.

Here is the tracklist of the 8 songs featured on the album:

  1. Hajime Ni (feat. Mioune) (French Version)
  2. Oxygène (feat. Kal) (German Version)
  3. Le Paradoxe de ma Vie (feat. Kasuka) (Japanese Version)
  4. Soleil (feat. TBK)
  5. Sous cette pluie (feat. SUYA) (Korean Version)
  6. Nouvel Eden (feat. Giita) (Indonesian Version)
  7. Danse avec moi (feat. NiNa) (Italian Version)
  8. Luna Light (feat. Jet Nebula) [Escape Remix] [BONUS TRACK]

‘ALYS Around the World’ is currently available digitally from Bandcamp, or you can buy a physical copy from VoxWave’s online shop.

The album will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Deezer.

Buy ‘ALYS Around the World’ on Bandcamp

Buy ‘ALYS Around the World’ on VoxWave’s E-Shop

If you want to hear a preview of the ‘ALYS Around the World’ album, check out the crossfade on YouTube below.

More Information

For more information on ALYS and LEORA, visit VoxWave’s website.

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