Featured Image v flower Illustrations April 18

New Official Illustrations for v flower from April!

Another month has gone by and that means another set of official illustrations from Gynoid!

This month, there are two new illustrations of v flower, one based on her v3 design and one based on her v4 design.

While the previous illustrations of flower were more stylized and cute, I (Jade) feel that these illustrations capture more of her ‘cool’ side.

flower Illustrations April 2018

Let’s not forget the artist who drew these lovely illustrations! The latest illustrations of flower were drawn by the artist Norainu (野良いぬ).

If you like what you see and are interested in seeing more of Norainu’s work, you can visit their website here.

I was given the honor of drawing my beloved flower-chan!
The illustrations are OK to use as video material and more, so please feel free to use them! ?
Download here: http://gynoid.co.jp/news/view/56/

Gynoid and flower herself also Tweeted about the new illustrations on their own Twitter accounts. flower sounds like she can barely believe it is her!

[Update!] New month, new artwork from Gynoid. This month features flower, drawn by Norainu (@norainu03019)! They are free to use for videos and such, so please use them by all means! – http://gynoid.co.jp/news/view/56/

Lookie! Isn’t this just too cool?! It’s me, you know?!?!

If you want to use these free v flower illustrations in your own works, you can download and start using them by clicking here.

However, please remember that if you wish to use the illustrations for commercial purposes, you must first ask for permission from Gynoid to do so.

Source Links

Gynoid website

Norainu’s website

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