Xin Hua Chibi Illustrations Featured Image

New Official Illustrations of Xin Hua V4 Japanese!

This month, Gynoid has released another set of free-to-use illustrations, featuring chibi versions of Xin Hua V4 Japanese!

“[Update!] New month, new artwork from Gynoid. We continue off last month with some Xin Hua illustrations from NEGI (@ulogbe)! Anyone is free to use them for videos and such, so please use them by all means!”

“My illustrations of Xin Hua-chan have now been released~! Please use them ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡”

You may recognize the art style from last month’s illustrations, as it is the same illustrator!

The illustrations were drawn by NEGI and feature Xin Hua’s Japanese V4 design in a cute, chibi, or deformed style. The poses included are a simple pose where Xin Hua is standing on one leg, a singing pose, a happy pose where Xin Hua has her hands clasped together and a shy pose where Xin Hua appears to be hiding in her hat!

NEGI is an illustrator, animator, and lyricist, and also the sole member of the circle ULOG’Be. If you’re interested in seeing more of NEGI’s work, you can visit the ULOG’Be website here.

You can download and start using the new Xin Hua illustrations by clicking here. As always, if you wish to use the illustrations for commercial purposes, you must first get permission from Gynoid to do so.


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