New Official Winter Wear Designs for v flower!

Last month, Gynoid revealed some new official artwork for Xin Hua, which they announced would become a monthly trend for them. They made good on that promise this month as well, revealing a pair of new, official winter designs for v flower!

The new designs were created by △○□× (Miwashiba), the official illustrator for v4 flower. Surprisingly, it’s not just v4 flower, but even the original v flower who receives a new design from the artist. It is, in fact, the first official update of any kind from Gynoid made specifically for the V3 VOCALOID since the release of her V4 bank and redesign in 2015.

Update: The new illustrations from Gynoid this month are winter wear designs for flower, drawn by △○□×( @miwasiba )! As always, these new illustrations are free for anyone to use in their videos and other works, so please use them however you’d like!

★I was given the honor of drawing some brand new material for flower-san…! They can be put to all sorts of use, such as for use in videos, so be sure to check out the official site for details!

Alright! My new warm clothes have arrived! With these, I can finally go and attend Hatsumode…! (*weeps*

The new artwork for v flower can be downloaded here. Just like anything else on Gynoid’s free downloads page, anybody can download them to use for any non-commercial purpose that they wish. Those who wish to use them for commercial purposes will need permission from Gynoid.

Information Source

Gynoid’s Official Twitter
Gynoid’s free downloads page

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