Otomachi Una Talk Announced!

A few days ago, we reported on an interesting teaser featuring Una. At the time, we didn’t know what it was, but there were quite a few guesses. Now, we finally have the answer! Otomachi Una Talk will be released on April 20th!

Otomachi Una Talk

Una Talk, much like Sugar and Spicy, has her own design. However, unlike the previous two, this Una appears far more casual and less like a performer. Her glasses, little cap, and casual but still Una-esque outfit, all make this feel like a very natural version of Una, which is fitting for a talk voice! She looks very scholarly and definitely seems like she’d be comfortable talking quite a bit.

Una Talk uses a different speech software from Megpoid Talk. While Megpoid Talk uses FineSpeech, Una Talk uses the AITalk software. Due to this, the two will have different results in clarity and quality.


Otomachi Una Talk currently has one official demo by KurageP, titled “BEAST DANCE.”

In addition, it’s probably safe to say that the member introduction video features Una Talk.

You can also try her out yourself on her product page! Simply input Japanese text into the box and she’ll read it back to you!

Prices and Release Date

Otomachi Una Talk is set to release both digitally and physically on April 20th, 2017.

Physical (Boxed) Version

Price: ¥10,800 JPY (about $108 USD)
Internet Co. Registered Member’s Price: ¥8,640 JPY (about $86 USD)

Digital Download

Price: ¥8,640 JPY (about $86 USD)
Internet Co. Registered Member’s Price: ¥ 7,172 JPY (about $72 USD)


Anyone who purchases Una Talk will also receive downloads to over 100 voice recording samples of Una (such as her cheering and saying various phrases) as well as OPUS Express for Windows, an audio editing software. For more information on OPUS Express, click here (Japanese only).

More Information

As always, stay tuned to VNN for the latest updates! Right now, you can find all the information on Una Talk on the product page. However, it’s currently only in Japanese.

Otomachi Una Talk Product Page
Internet Co.’s Official Twitter

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