PinocchioP feat. MC Hatsune Miku Performed Live in “Star of Asia”, Kazakhstan

Yesterday, PinocchioP feat. MC Hatsune Miku performed live in the Star of Asia Show, held in Almaty, Kazakhstan! They are one of a total 37 artists and performers participating on the show. It is also streamed live on TV Channel KAZAKH TV.

PinocchioP and Hatsune Miku performed 3 songs:

Hatsune Miku also appeared with a special 3D model, which is made to match her visual in PinnochioP’s music videos

Video Clips

You can watch clips of her performance on the Tweets below:


Also check some of the performances screenshots below, from @ejiwarp Tweets:

Stay tuned to VNN for more updates about Hatsune Miku and of favourite virtual singers!

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Star of Asia Official Website

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