Hello! You can call me Marumain, and I serve as a translator between VNN in English and VNN in Japanese, translating articles between the two languages. I love pretty much every Vocaloid, though I consider MAIKA to be my favorite!

The Yuzuki Yukari Racing Project Goes into High Gear!

On October 27th, racer Takahiro Watanabe started the “Yuzuki Yukari Racing Project” crowdfunding page on “READY FOR?”, Japan’s largest crowdfunding site. Its initial goal was to raise ¥2,000,000 JPY in order to create official “Yuzuki Yukari Racing Version” merchandise, whose sales would fund spot advertisement for the Yuzuki Yukari itasha, …

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VNN in Attendance at VOCACON 2016!

From October 29th to the 30th, VOCACON 2016, an arts and science convention celebrating voice synthesizers (VOCALOID, CeVIO, UTAU, etc.), will be held at the Yamaha Resort in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and VNN Japan’s Kowhey will be in attendance! Expect a full report of the event by the convention’s …

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Miku Appears at the Ebina City Annual Scarecrow Festival

Every year in rural Ebina City, located in Kanagawa Prefecture, the annual Scarecrow Festival takes place, during which all sorts of unique scarecrows often based off of characters are made and put on display. This year, a Miku scarecrow can be seen among them. 話題になっているミクちゃんを見きにた。 — まろんP (@pompommaron) 2016年9月17日 …

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Snow Miku 2017 Revealed and Official Site Now Open

Alongside the unveiling of next year’s Snow Miku at Magical Mirai 2016’s Sponsor Exhibit, Crypton has opened the official Snow Miku 2017 site. Next year’s Snow Miku festival logo follows a dazzling, gorgeous shooting star-like motif with the dates set for Monday, February 6th to Sunday, February 12th, 2017. The …

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