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Sakura Miku and Unison League Collaboration Begins!

Those who played Unison League last year may remember the Magical Mirai collaboration that took place. Well, Miku and Ateam are together again for a spring collaboration! More specifically, we have a Sakura Miku and Unison League collaboration! Note that this collaboration is available only in the Global version. The Japanese version has already had this collaboration event.

About the Collab

Official Description:

Greetings, recruits!

The Unison League x “Hatsune Miku” collaboration has begun!

New Circle of Magic featured added!
Choose your preferred Circle of Magic and obtain rewards! There is a small chance to obtain UR [Flutter] Sakura Miku Summoning Scroll for which you can choose the stats!
*There are a total of 9 Circles of Magic. Each Circle of Magic can be used once.
*Out of the 9 Circles of Magic there is 1 that contains a Big Prize.
*If you hit the Big Prize, you will obtain an awesome item such as SSR Guaranteed Ticket or SSR Sakura Miku Summoning Scroll and the Circles of Magic will all be reset regardless of whether you have used them all.

Hanami with Hatsune Miku

Sakura Miku is in Unison League to help bring in spring! She’s celebrating Hanami, the cherry blossom festival, with Ateam! This special festival even comes with some bonuses.

Throw up a Unison Attack with Hatsune Miku collaboration characters and cherry blossoms will fall while Sakura Miku will begin singing “Senbonzakura!”

The power of the song boosts Prestige obtained by +20%!

It also increases the max HP and gives a boost to Cost recovery speed of all allies!

  • The quest ends on Thursday, April 27th at 01:59 AM (Unison Time).
  • Quests cannot be started within 15 minutes from the end time.
  • Please take note that the end time is different from usual.
  • The +20% Prestige boost, max HP, and Cost recovery speed boosts will not take effect in other collaborations.
  • Hanami with Sakura Miku! is a Guard Quest. The Quest will be failed if Sakura Miku is KO’d.
  • As a support to beginner recruits, from the second wave onward in Hanami with Sakura Miku! – Beginner Sakura Miku will sing even without using a Unison Attack with Hatsune Miku collaboration characters.

Tons of Mikumin x Sakura Mikumin!

  • Consume a “Tons of Mikumin x Sakura Mikumin! Key” to embark on this event Quest. This is a one-person Quest!
  • Obtain Prestige more efficiently than in “Hanami with Sakura Miku!”!
  • The quest ends on 4/27 (Thu.) 01:59 a.m. Unison Time
  • Quests cannot be started within 15 minutes from the end time
  • The hold limit for Tons of Mikumin x Sakura Mikumin! Key is 50. If you obtain any after you reach this limit, they will be sent to your Present Box.
  • Any sent to your Present Box in the above case will be removed after 24 hours, so make sure to collect them before then.
  • The “Tons of Mikumin x Sakura Mikumin! Key” is an item exclusive to this Quest. Any held after the event period ends will be lost.

Featured Gear

There are two featured Sakura Miku gear items available through this part of the campaign. However, there are more available via summoning which I’ll cover shortly.

These two units are “[Flutter] Sakura Miku” and “Sakura Miku.”

You can get this gear and other items in the following ways:

How to Get the Rewards
*There are no ranking rewards in this collaboration event.

Prestige Rewards

Sakura Stone, Sakura Miku Summoning Scroll Piece, Hatsune Miku Box Spawn Ticket, Cosmetic Exchange Medal, and more!

Circle of Magic Rewards: Big Prize Rewards

UR [Flutter] Sakura Miku Summoning Scroll, SSR Sakura Miku Summoning Scroll, Sakura Miku Summoning Scroll Piece, “Proficiency Quests” Key, Droplets of Ether, and more!

Circle of Magic Rewards: Good Prize Rewards

Platinum Sword, Platinum Helm, Platinum Mail, EXP Limimin King, Skill Limimin King, Gold Limimin King, Heavenly Taspy, Earthly Taspy, … and more!
*One of the above will appear from the first Circle of Magic.
*Leftover Sakura Stones will be converted into Gold at a rate of 1,000 Gold to 1 Stone after the collaboration ends.
*Leftover Summoning Scroll Pieces will be converted into Droplets of Ether at a rate of 1 to 1 after the collaboration ends.

Bonus Chance

Tons of Mikumin x Sakura Mikumin! Key, Hatsune Miku Box Spawn Ticket, … and more!

Box Spawns

Sakura Mikumin, Mikumin, Hatsune Miku Poster, Hatsune Miku Mic Stand, Magical Mirai 2016, … and more!
*Box Spawns cannot be reset or re-drawn. Tickets left over at the end of the scheduled Spawn period will be turned into Gold at a rate of 1,000 Gold per Ticket.

Other Treats

*Ends on Thursday, April 27th at 01:59 AM (Unison Time).
Free Bonuses with Select Gem Purchases.
50% more EXP, Proficiency, & Gold!
Augment & Reforge Quest AP HALVED!
Great Success rates in Augmentation Up!

*The stats shown are when the Gear is max level and fully Reforged.
*SSR “Hatsune Miku” DOES NOT Reforge into “[Flutter] Sakura Miku.”

Hatsune Miku Spawns

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of other Miku items to grab as well. These items are available via spawns which require tickets or gems. There’s a free spawn every day as well as several special treats for people who use the Spawn x10 option to spawn gear. Some of these treats are:

Guaranteed 1 UR + EXP Quest Key + Drops of Ether
Comes with EXP Quest Key
Guaranteed 1 SSR Collab DEF Gear

Step Up Spawns

The step up spawn requires more gems as you advance but also guarantees rewards when you reach certain levels of the spawn. There is a step up spawn available for just weapons as well as one for all of the gear from the event. Fans will be happy to hear that some of the Magical Mirai 2016 gear is making a comeback as well! Screenshots of all of the featured gear available are below.

Event Skills: Song of Power, Rhythm Song
For each piece of Gear with these Skills equipped, Prestige obtained in specific Quests will be boosted by 30%. The maximum Prestige boost is obtained when 15 Gear pieces are set.
*Applicable Quests “Hanami with Hatsune Miku!”, “Tons of Mikumin”

Event Skill Validity
Ends on Thursday, April 27th at 01:59 AM (Unison Time).
When the Event Skill Validity Period ends, these Skills will be transformed into normal Skills.
“L” and “XL” will remain the same after the change has taken place.

The Following Changes will Take Place:
Sword/Axe Event Skills >>> Physical Testament
Lance/Scythe Event Skills >>> Physical Testament
Bow/Gun Event Skills >>> Fatal Testament
Staff Event Skills >>> Magic Testament
Relic/Book Event Skills >>> Healing Testament
Head Gear Event Skills >>> Physical Damage Down
Body Gear Event Skills >>> Physical Damage Down


If you’d like to download Unison League, feel free to do so at the following links:

Google Play
iOS App Store

All information and images were obtained from the Unison League game.

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