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Sapphire Sphere ~ Blue Boundary ~ x IA Collaboration

The collaboration between IA and the mobile game, Sapphire Sphere ~ Blue Boundary ~ has begun!

What is Sapphire Sphere?

Sapphire Sphere is a mobile fantasy RPG game by X.D. Global and is available on both Android and Apple devices.

What is the collaboration?

The Sapphire Sphere x IA campaign has already begun and shall run until August 29th.

During the campaign, ‘Spirit Song IA’ will be available as a 5 star character which can be obtained from the in-game gacha!

IA x Sapphire Sphere Promotional Image

IA’s character in the game is a Magician class with Wind attributes and can both attack enemies and provide a buff to allies.

Also, during the collaboration campaign, the opening theme song for the game shall feature vocals by IA!

To hear a a preview of this special version of the theme, check out the video clip linked in the Tweet below.

(IA Collaboration Information 1/2) Real fantasy RPG Sapphire Sphere ~ Blue Boundary ~ x IA collaboration is now underway! For a limited time until August 29th, virtual artist IA will be implemented into the game as a 5 star character! #IA #サファイアスフィア #サファスフィ

(IA Collaboration Information 2/2) The opening theme song in the game shall become an IA vocal version during the collaboration period. Please check it out!
#IA #サファイアスフィア #サファスフィ

Where can I get the game?

You can download Sapphire Sphere from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Please note that you will need to have a Japanese regional account to play the game.


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